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PRESS RELEASE. A crypto exchange should offer many options to make money. This is why BitrueA leading cryptocurrency exchange has just announced that a new hub for yield farming was being launched by. All users are available from January 10, 2010 at 10:00 UTC.

This new initiative is based on the fact that yield farming and staking have grown to be extremely popular ways for investors to earn extra income. Bitrue will therefore try to address the actual needs of its clients in a safe way and keep current with the industry’s latest developments and changes. The company intends to do this by forming key partnerships for the future and mitigating risks like impermanent losses.

What role will this new hub play?

Users can now mine tokens using the new hub in a way similar to DeFi pools (decentralized finance), which was very popular last year. More than 20 pools offering APRs of at least 150% were available upon launch. Consumers can choose between a range of stake intervals. Bitrue Coin BTR, Bitrue’s native platform currency, shall be powering these pools. BTR, or the token the user selects, shall be stakeable in order to start farming. Additionally, BTR has increased more than 3000% since it was established in July 2018.

Bitrue is also an expert in the development of cutting-edge investments solutions. Power PiggyThe first cryptocurrency-based investment platform to be launched around the world in 2018. The new hub will include Power Piggy and Vote Staking as well as BTR Lockups. It also includes a variety of businesses that use BTR to generate profits for their consumers.

The initiative gives its customers the option to choose the best investment plan for them. It offers a variety of options with different lockup periods and yields. In the words of Adam O’Neil, Bitrue’s Chief Marketing Officer, it establishes BTR as the world’s inaugural Yield Token, which is a token dedicated solely to increasing the return on crypto-oriented investments. You can access the Yield Farming Hub only from www.bitrue.comThis is one of several upcoming Bitrue initiatives customers can look to.

Bitrue’s vision

Bitrue is a crypto-exchange that allows trading, lending and investing. It was launched in July 2018. The exchange uses blockchain technology to offer financial opportunities to all, regardless of their financial status or geography. They have offices around the world, and they are always developing new features in order to support the digitalized modern economic era. In essence, the BTR token possesses the “explicit utility regarding the maximization of returns on investments”.

What’s more is that the months-long resistance for BTR also appears to have been broken, as the token We have just passed the $0.40 threshold. This weekend will see price discovery and the weekly highest close. You can find additional information at both the official and informal Site as well as the exchange’s TwitterFor regular updates, you can visit the channel.



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