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Bitcoin’s mining difficulty reached a new all-time high at block height 753,984 from 30.97 trillion hashes to 32.05 trillion hashes. After two difficulty increases during the past month, the network’s mining difficulty jumped another ​​3.45% higher on September 13.

Bitcoin’s Difficulty Reaches 32 Trillion

Bitcoin (BTC), the most popular cryptocurrency according to market capitalization is becoming more difficult to mine. On Tuesday, September 13th, 2022, bitcoin (BTC) reached an all-time record of 32.05 trillion. The difficulty experienced the second largest increase of 2022, at 9.26%. It was roughly two weeks ago (2,016 blocks).

Bitcoin’s difficulty has never been as difficult as it is today, as miners now need to calculate over 32 trillion hashes to find a new BTC block.

After the change in difficulty, which occurred two weeks ago (or 2,016 blocks) the difficulty rose slightly to 0.63%. It has been much easier to locate a Bitcoin (BTC), block reward, than ever before today’s block height of 753,984. Furthermore, BTC’s U.S. dollar value dropped over 9% on Tuesday afternoon (ET), following the recently published U.S. CPI report.

On September 13, 2022, at block height 753,984, Bitcoin’s difficulty reached an all-time high.

Despite the price drop and recent difficulty rise, BTC’s hashrate has remained above the 200 exahash per second (EH/s) range and at the time of writing, it’s running at 227.07 EH/s. During the past 24 hours, Foundry USA has been the network’s top pool with 26.85% of the global hashrate.

Foundry is followed by F2pool with 15.4% of BTC’s hashpower, and Binance Pool with 14.77% of the global hashrate. Antpool (12.42%) and Viabtc (10.74%) are the next two. Foundry USA discovered 40 blocks in the last hour, while F2pool seized 23 blocks.

Currently, BTC block time is 9:17 minutes per block, and there’s 2,011 blocks left to mine until the next difficulty change expected on September 27, 2022. The network may see a decrease of 3.7% at current block interval speeds.

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