Bitcoin Leads As Markets Sees Record Outflows. Bear Market Incoming?

According to market reports, Bitcoin and other altcoins are not having the best week. Following the rally in the markets, crypto-assets have been experiencing steady inflows for months. This has driven crypto-assets like bitcoin to new heights, as the inflows have reached a new record along with assets under management. However, this trend is shifting.

After 17 consecutive weeks with inflows, market movement is in the reverse direction. Assets such as ethereum have previously experienced outflows at different times but they were only a few. The market has now seen its first week without outflows in four months, setting an all-time record.

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Biggest Record Outflow

This week, $142 Million was the total outflow. After a streak of 17 weeks of inflows that saw assets under management reach record levels, this was the first week with outflows. This was not only the first outflow after more than four months of crypto market inflows but also it’s the largest weekly cryptocurrency market outflow ever recorded.

After a strong rally, major crypto cryptocurrencies have reached a new peak. As investors take profit, there have been sell-offs across the entire market. Institutional investors also have not been left behind. Even though they are record-breaking, outflows only represent 0.2% of assets under management. This is also a far cry from the 2018 outflows which reached as high as 1.6%.

Inflows total for this year reached $9.5 billion. This is almost half the amount that was recorded in 2020, which was $6.7 billion. The year’s inflows are at an unprecedented high despite all the outflows.

CoinShares notes, however that not only has the crypto market seen outflows but many other markets have also experienced them. After the U.S. Fed released their statement about tapering, all risk assets saw outflows.

Bitcoin Leads Outflows

Bitcoin was the leader in the category of the asset that saw the largest outflows during the week. Although its value had dropped to $50,000 from its $69K peak, it had maintained inflows over the following weeks. Although this is the first outflow in 17 weeks, it remains below June’s $150 million outflows.

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The last 17 weeks have seen Ethereum alternate between outflows and inflows. The second-largest cryptocurrency also saw record outflows for the week with a total of $64 million in outflows as it continues to counter bitcoin’s outflows.

Solana and Polkadot and multi-asset investments products were spared the ravaging as they received $6.7 million, $2.5million, and $1.5million in inflows, respectively.

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