Bitcoin Dominance Aims At Historic Lows, Unprecedented Altcoin Season Potentially Ahead

While Bitcoin is still taking a beating for dollars, its market share continues to fall. BTC’s dominance may be heading for historic lows, as the support level has been breached.

Altcoin season could be in the future, with historic lows in BTC dominance. Here’s a closer look at the metric that weighs Bitcoin against the rest of the crypto space and how it could impact altcoin performance.

Bitcoin Market Continues to Lose Cryptocurrency Market Predominance

There was once only Bitcoin. The industry developed a new metric called BTC dominance. This metric made it clearer how heavy the most valuable coin was compared with the rest.

Bitcoin used to account for 95% of all cryptocurrency markets prior to 2017. But, Bitcoin’s share dropped to 35% one year later in what was considered the most altcoin-rich season.

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Bitcoin recovered over two-thirds (or more) of its market cap by 2020 after reaching these extremes in 2018. In 2018, dominance was at 70%. It then sharply declined all through 2021.

A trading range of several years was breached at the close the 2021 annual candle. You can see the clearly drawn range in six month BTC.D charts. This could provide the perfect conditions for an unrivalled altcoin-season.


BTC.D charts for the yearly and six-month periods (left, right) Source: CRYPTOCAP.D at| Source: CRYPTOCAP-BTC.D on

The Unprecedented Altcoin Season could End at 32% Dominance

A decisive closing on the high-timeframe patterns may provide clues to how dominance could bottom out again.

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BTC.D’s target for a head-and-shoulders top sent it to the dashed, reinvigorating altcoins and still far below the 2017/2018 peak.



A potential falling triangle would result in the structure being dominated by 32%. The target would suggest a move beyond the former historic low set years ago – and create the atmosphere needed for the aforementioned altcoin season mania.

It could all come at the cost of Bitcoin, which is undisputedly the most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of market capital.

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