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Jay-Z, also known as Shawn Carter and Block CEO Jack Dorsey dropped Bitcoin to Brooklyn members of the Bitcoin Academy. Jay-Z’s mother, Gloria Carter explained in a statement that a myriad of residents from Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant participated, and more than 350 people attended the crypto classes.

Hundreds of Brooklyn Residents Attend Bitcoin Academy — Some Attendees Enrolled in a Grant for $1,000 in Bitcoin News published a report on Jack Dorsey & Jay-Z launching the Bitcoin Academy for Marcy House residents in Brooklyn. A report from Business Insider details that the academy’s classes saw hundreds of people. “Marcy residents showed up,” Jay-Z’s mother, Gloria Carter told the publication. “The over 350 people who attended The Bitcoin Academy classes let us know that this education is important to them—and that it matters,” she added.

Marcy House residents who took part in the classes were also interviewed for the report. The residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant were also able to enroll in a grant, which gave each participant $1,000 in bitcoin (BTC). This was sent to their Cashapp and Munn Wallets. The 12-week educational course was free exclusively to Brooklyn’s Marcy House residents. Mariela Regalado of Marcy said that she was reminded by Jay-Z when she was growing up in the area.

“I remember when I was younger, growing up in the project, [Jay-Z] and his team would come and give us toys and things like that,” Regalado told Business Insider. “My friends and I would call it this kind of ‘hood philanthropy,’ — So for me, this is kind of like an evolution of that.” Regalado further detailed that the academy offered free daycare for her daughter, and as a single mother she was able to attend the courses. Regalado added:

[The classes were]It was purely a fun and educational adventure that I shared with my neighbours. It always felt like [we were]At a family meal, and the cousin who discovered Bitcoin tells everyone else.

Bitcoin Academy Instructor Breaks It Down ‘Into a Vernacular That Others Can Understand’

Brooklyn’s Bitcoin Academy was also backed by Crypto Blockchain Plug (Najah J. Roberts) and Black Bitcoin Billionaire (Lamar Wilson). Wilson served as an instructor, and was the one who connected the Block CEO Jack Dorsey with to suggest the program. Courses that were taught included subjects like “Careers in Crypto,” “Wealth Building and Assets,” “Bitcoin & Taxes,” and “Why Decentralization Matters.”

“A lot of times, information doesn’t get to our community. Not because people are being intentionally discriminatory, it’s because they’re not being intentional about getting the information there. And so somebody has to pick up the mantle and do it,” Wilson said. Instructor at Brooklyn Bitcoin Academy added:

Because I understand the information and I can break it down into a vernacular that others can understand, especially folks from where I’m from, I feel like it’s almost my obligation to make sure I get the information to them, and it’s not to like recommend them to buy bitcoin or try to get them to invest all their money or anything like that. It’s just really, let me provide the information and allow you as a very intelligent being to make your own decisions.

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