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PRICE RELEASE UniLend launched its long-awaited V2 testnet via the Goerli chain today. This is the team’s attempt to Revolutionise Lending and Borrowing in the DeFi Space. It is the first ever protocol which claims to “Make Every Digital Asset Productive”.

Earlier, UniLend Finance CEO, Chandresh Aharwar had unveiled the version of UniLend Dapp for the first time on Binance Live, calling it “The world’s first true permissionless lending and borrowing protocol”.

Although the DeFi market has seen a rapid growth in recent years, it is still very early days. UniLend V2 is a platform that allows anyone to borrow or lend any 12k+ tokens from ERC20. It also lets anyone trade any token on decentralised exchanges without approval.

Airdrop valued at $5000 UFT will be offered to early testers. This Airdrop is expected to last several weeks.

To help you quickly understand v2 we recommend you read the documentation.

– Core UniLend V2 smart code on Github

– Whitepaper

Launched after months of rigorous internal testing, hard work and sweat, the team says it’s confident that with this release, a new era of the financial system will impact the lives of billions of people with inclusion into DeFi. UniLend V1 Permissionless Protocol is now live for over a year on all four major blockchains: Ethereum and Polygon. Moonriver has more than 50 million Flash Loans. The team is very excited about the V2 Testnet Launch.

The lending and borrowing scenario should be 100-times what it is today and UniLend, with its V2, the future of Defi, is taking the first step in that direction, also bringing the dual asset pools for lending & borrowing with price feed oracles and gas optimization. The UniLend V2 also offers flexible lending, flash loans, non-fungible liquidity, concentrated liquidations, on chain price feed, security, and an effortless user experience.

UniLend assures users that new developments won’t stop and they will continue to monitor the testnet and release new functionalities and features in the future versions.They understand the need for a seamless, intuitive and easy-to-use user experience for mass adoption and integrate these principles in the code, making the DeFi ecosystem more accessible and grow faster.






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