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The crypto community is upset about a recent discovery stemming from the Celsius bankruptcy case as a court filing has revealed over 14,000 pages of the usernames and trading histories of the company’s customers. While the file does not disclose personal information tied to the user’s finance providers or the customer’s residential address, the crypto community believes there are other ways these identities can be doxxed.

Celsius Username and Trading History Court Files Are a Slap to Crypto Community

Gizmodo has discovered a court filing that Celsius, a troubled cryptocurrency lender, is facing again. This 14,000 page filing contains the trading history and usernames of Celsius clients.

Many believe that high-net-worth crypto traders may have been doxxed by the data being released. This has caused a stir within the crypto community. Although the list only contains usernames and trades it’s rumored that additional information tied to identities can be found. discoveredby using heuristics, and the blockchain parsing tools.

“This Celsius dox is one of the [most] egregious privacy violations in crypto history,” one individual wrote. “Many on this list may have their safety at risk. It’s more important than ever to maximize your digital security.”

The addresses of each user have been redacted and names were allegedly supposed to be redacted but the U.S. bankruptcy court trustee William Harrington objected to the requests that pressed for the customer’s names to be redacted as well.

Harrington claims that the bankruptcy case needs to be “open and transparent” and he also remarked that Celsius need to “demonstrate extraordinary circumstances and a compelling need to obtain protection to justify any such request.”

The filing is roughly 18.6 gigabytes of user data and in addition to a large number of customers, Celsius executives Alex Mashinsky’s, Dan Leon’s, and Nuke Goldstein’s trades are also present in the filing. Following the July 28th third-party data breach, Celsius announced that third parties had gained access customer data.

Following the schedule of the Celsius bankruptcy sale, the latest court disclosure of 18.6 gigabytes user data was made. While the names of the customers are redacted, the crypto community is not pleased with Celsius and the bankruptcy court trustee’s decision.

“Typically, when you dox you don’t get rugged. And on the other hand, when you get rugged you don’t get doxxed,” one user stressedTweet. “Celsius tier 1 sh** storm.”

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Do you agree with the publication by the court of usernames and trading histories stemming directly from Celsius customers? Please comment below to let us know your thoughts on this topic.

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