B2Broker Presents Game-Changing REST API Update For B2Core: New Functionality, New Possibilities!

B2Broker has released a new version of B2Core that supports the REST API. This HTTP protocol-based solution is for the fintech and forex industry as well. It will allow customers to use their products and services for their own business purposes. The latest B2Core release for B2Broker is an important part of significant improvements made to the product.

Companies can rest assured that the latest version of B2Core supports the REST API technology and that they will have the most up-to-date services. Thanks to the HTTP protocol, the integration process provides the highest speed and convenience of working with the company’s products, ensuring a high degree of reliability. B2Broker provides a broad range of quality products to the forex and crypto markets. This release marks a significant step in developing solutions that will change how traders view trading. Thanks for your cooperation!

Back-office API

The Back-Office API solution will allow users to collect their customers’ data analytics and all the necessary information about them, such as accounts and transactions. It is a powerful tool which will help companies better understand customers’ needs and implement changes that improve the trading experience. Companies will be able to monitor how customers interact with their products and services. Long-term, the Back Office API will prove to be a very useful attribute in improving workflows, interfacing with users, and creating new products or services.

Front-Office API

The new B2Core REST API technology has support for interaction with the Front-Office API for end users (Trader’s Room). Users now have full access to integration functions, authorizations, transactions and many other features. Front-Office API provides powerful functionality and enhances your product integration capabilities to improve the customer experience. Front-Office API allows you to customize your products by adding features that are more user-friendly and efficient.


B2Broker is thrilled about the latest release of B2Core. This solution will make our users’ trading experience even better and more efficient. The B2Core API is our first ever release. We will make every effort to ensure that you get the best, most reliable, and convenient API solution. Its easy interface, fast speed, wide variety of features and simplicity are all reasons REST API technology was created to aid clients with their current products as well as help them create new ones. This API is ideal for forex brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, and CFDs.

You can now try the B2Core API. It is easy to get started. Our support team will be happy to assist you with any question. We are open to receiving your suggestions for improving the API. We appreciate your use of our products.

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