Avalanche Taps StackOS for DeCloud Capabilities

Decentralized cloud protocol StackOS is joining forces with the Avalanche blockchain platform, after being declared the network’s preferred DeCloud provider for its growing developer ecosystem.

After the confirmation, pollThe official StackOS twitter account was used to conduct the survey, which saw people quizzed on their preference for the blockchain with which the protocol should be interoperable. With 75.9% votes, Avalanche won the contest, defeating Polygon, Cardano and Solana.

As the first decentralized cloud protocol operating on Avalanche’s fast-growing smart contract platform, developers will have the opportunity to leverage StackOS’ cross-chain Infrastructure Protocol to deploy full-stack applications, high-traffic decentralized applications (dApps), blockchain privatenets and mainnet nodes.

In addition, the DeCloud leader will support future technical Avalanche events by sponsoring compute, rewards, and educating developers on how to anonymously leverage StackOS’ no-code, UI-based application deployment engine in a matter of minutes.

Cloud decentralization

Bitcoin was a popular decentralized currency and defi has led to the emergence a transparent and open alternative. StackOS, however, is determined to be the face and voice of DeCloud.

This permissionless protocol is designed to challenge the dominant cloud industry cartel of centralized companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft. Clients will be able to save money on expensive set ups as well as ongoing overheads. According to predictions, the global expenditure on public cloud services will increase by 23.1% from $270 Billion in 2020 to $332.3 Billion this year.

StackOS, unlike other cloud services, does not require any sign-ups or infrastructure costs. Computing power and storage are provided by third parties, individuals, businesses, who in return receive $STACK tokens. Literally anyone can join the network to start providing their computing power.

The Avalanche team has requested for its nodes to be added to the one-click deploy StackOS App Store, thereby creating a network of ‘unstoppable’ Avalanche nodes and giving developers the ability to expeditiously deploy an Avalanche node.

Additionally, developers will be able deploy their work in progress on testnets private before they are promoted to the mainnet.

StackOS claims that the recent surge in service requests for apps on its platform has exceeded three million. This is just three months after the mainnet was launched back in August.

A Blockchain Cloud Takeover

Avalanche’s relationship isn’t the first time that StackOS provided DeCloud services for a Layer-2-based blockchain. Other large projects have also adopted StackOS’ decentralized cloud to bring one-click nodes and seamless deployments to their developer ecosystem.

StackOS had been incubated previously as the DeCloud solution for the NEO platform. Some 250 individual projects now deploy on Stack’s trustless cloud, which is powered by cluster operators scattered around the world.

Within the growing ecosystem, community members can become governors with two tiers – Node Apprentice and Node Authority – corresponding to the number of tokens staked. StackOS governors have the ability to influence the burn rate per resource purchase transaction as well as the annual yield of the governor pool.

Avalanche’s new DeCloud provider has also seen remarkable traction on the market. Ava Labs’ layer-2 scaling solution, which supports a glut of DeFi dApps and subnets and is fully interoperable with Ethereum, is now a bonafide top 10 blockchain due to its ultra-low fees and high throughput (4,500+ tps). With a powerful DeCloud provider now part of its armory, Avalanche’s inexorable expansion looks set to continue.


Avalanche has the highest time to finality of any smart contract platform in blockchain. Avalanche runs at lightning speed and is low-cost. It’s also eco-friendly. Avalanche can be deployed on any smart contract-enabled app. Don’t believe it?

About StackOS

StackOS allows cross-chain organizations and individuals to use their computing resources together and offer a collective decentralized cloud. This is where anyone can create any full-stack app, decentralized application, blockchain private nets or main net nodes.

We aim to provide the world with “The Unstoppable Infrastructure Protocol”, which will allow any person across the world to deploy their application without incurring heavy cloud management costs and freely run any application they wish to run. StackOS also aims to assist brick-and-mortar businesses worldwide to get online securely and cost-effectively with little technical overhead.


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