Autonomy Network bringing the first-ever living, autonomous NFTs (aNFTs)

The cryptocurrency market has taken NFTs by storm. This concept offers a lot more potential but is a powerful tool to make and sell digital art, collectibles or other items. Autonomy brings NFTs alive, autonomous NFTs (aNFTs), that are able to do everything for their holders through automation.

Are autonomous NFTs possible? This Is Possible!

This current generation is a static, one-trick pony. The industry is also plagued by excessive speculation, rather than utility. Even though this situation is slowly improving, one cannot do anything with the NFT. All that is going to change, at the very least in regards to the Autonomy Network.

Autonomy doesn’t just focus on NFTs statically, but introduces aNFTs (or autonomous non-fungible tokens). This concept may sound a bit Skynet-like but it has enormous potential. Smart contracts can be used to create additional contracts. While developers are capable of coding such features, nothing is yet being deployed on a large-scale.

Autonomy allows you to create a NFT that works for you around the clock. Although it’s possible to use a bot to accomplish this purpose, it will require some maintenance and hands-on coding. Automation can be used in many ways and have numerous applications.

What is an ANFT?

ANFTs can do anything they want. ANFTs are similar to smart contracts in that they can perform arbitrary tasks or create transactions under certain conditions. These conditions may be applicable to both on-chain or off-chain events. This allows for greater integration across different industries, platforms and protocols.

Imagine an ANFT capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Voting in government and other areas
  • Borrowing/lending to grow yields or to provide liquidity for the user
  • To create an enjoyable gaming experience, you can play against your owner.
  • As it learns, upgrade its native logic by interfacing with more data
  • You can also make more aNFTs to help you create a team of supporters.

These ideas could have an enormous impact on the way people use the blockchain. Non-fungible tokens as well decentralized financing, trading and many other areas can be affected by these aNFTs. These aNFTs are able to operate 24/7 and allow NFT holders to concentrate on the things that really matter.

Closing Thoughts

In the world of crypto and blockchain, the concept of an aNFT is revolutionary. However, some collections have already been introduced [limited]Utility. Many people view NFTs as speculation investments. However, some NFTs are used to create utility. [limited] utility. The time has come to take that concept one step further and explore the broader ecosystem’s many different options.

Users no longer have to trust bots created by third parties. Autonomy Network makes it easy to create aNFTs and infuses intelligence and life into tokens that are not fungible. Any “intelligent” NFT deployed on a blockchain will remain active 24/7, allowing them to become incredibly powerful and bring more people into the crypto and blockchain world.


Shubham Dahage photo on Unsplash

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