As Interest in Decentralized Finance Peaks, This Project May Have the Full DeFi 2.0 Package

Thorwallet’s user-friendly interface is perfect for Christmas. It offers cross-chain trade and attractive Bitcoin APYs.

The end of an incredible year in blockchain technology, and DeFi in particular, is fast approaching. Both interest and investment are high. Although institutions are still exploring the potential of Ethereum and Bitcoin for major investments, the decentralized financing solutions that DeFi offers can be a significant force in the future. They offer financial inclusion to many millions of individuals around the world and allow them to create new sources of income, despite the ongoing fallout of COVID-19.

If you take a closer look at blockchain infrastructure, many popular blockchains have experienced rapid growth in both their capabilities and the size of their ecosystems in the last months. THORchain, for example, is now the host to a variety of interesting projects that offer a wide range of DeFi and crypto services.

The Envelope of DeFi 2.0 Products is Pushed by THORWallet

The THORWallet wallet is one of many innovative solutions that are being developed on THORchain. It’s non-custodial and caters to both mainstream users and DeFi powers. Two separate apps for mobile devices are available. Both THORWallet apps offer rich features and access to DeFi. There are multi-chain savings, liquidity provision and synthetic asset trade. However, the retail app is stripped of some of its more intricate attributes but it still provides access to a vast majority of benefits.

THORWallet has been built to complement THORchain’s cross-chain functionality and users of the THORWallet app are able to swap Layer 1 tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in a completely decentralized manner with no middlemen. This makes it much easier to swap assets on popular platforms like THORchain, which only offer wrapped assets. Native assets are kept in custody. THORWallet can offer its users a way of earning a return on Bitcoin while keeping full custody.

The Upcoming MISO IIDO and Previous Financing

THORWallet raised more than $3.4 million in private rounds that were led by Fomocraft and Nine Realms as well as 0x Ventures. These funds are among the most prominent ones within blockchain investing. THORWallet’s native TGT multi-utility token serves a variety of purposes within the THORWallet ecosystem such as node operation and as a tool for gamification and community incentives such as airdrops, as well as unlocking premium features for holders.

After the successful conclusion of phase 1 of their public token sale via THORStarter (which sold in under one minute), phase 2 will be conducted on Sushi MISO from December 20th, 2021. Current token holders have the ability to stake their TGT with single-sided and multi-sided staking rates at 800%, 1200% for pooling, respectively.

“We are thankful to have received considerable interest and support from both reputable funds and the public and we are excited to open the doors to future THORWallet users with the upcoming MISO IDO. The THORchain ecosystem continues to grow rapidly and we’re proud to be one of the projects driving that growth.” – Marcel Harmann, THORWallet Co-Founder and CEO.

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