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PRICE RELEASEA metaverse is a hot topic right now, specifically how this technology relates to VR (Virtual Reality). While there have been many initiatives that use VR in conjunction with metaverse-based efforts to create new experiences, the industry of tourism is the one that could benefit most.

People around the globe are missing the freedom to travel freely to other places as a result of the global pandemic. Ariva’s new metaverse project will give users the opportunity to experience a next-generation, seemingly endless travel experience that allows them to virtually go wherever they wish.

What exactly is Ariva?

Ariva is a new blockchain platform that aims to improve upon the current tourist sector’s inefficiencies by offering a next-generation blockchain-oriented ecosystem for the tourism and travel industry. It hopes to transform the sector worldwide by offering cutting-edge services and products in its ecosystem.

Its whitepaper states that this can be broken down into Ariva.Club (Ariva.Finance), Ariva.World (and most recently, the Ariva Metaverse). These are all linked to one another, allowing for increased interconnectivity. This allows visitors and travellers alike to enjoy a unique experience through the intuitive application of blockchain technology.

It was recently announced that the Ariva Wonderland metaverse project had been launched. The first land sales will begin in January. Ariva’s metaverse project combines the concepts of VR and travel to provide a new life for a growing tourist business. As no one can predict when the current epidemic will end, users will be able to access a new type of digital tourism. This is sure to prove to be very beneficial.

Lists, achievements and goals for the future

Ariva has released the Ariva.Finance staking pool ecosystem (Ariva Staking Factory – ASF) which is presently operational and its users have since staked over 10B ARV in a very short time. Ariva.Finance will soon have a cryptocurrency payment gateway, Ariva Liquidity Farming and Lottery options. The team also created an NFT Art series called ArivamanHe is currently looking for a surprise listing.

Additionally, holders have surpassed 160,000 in number and their social media following has more than doubled. As if that weren’t enough, a 6 month marketing campaign agreement with Nasdaq has been reached. Ariva will be featured on billboards and TV interviews in New York. Newsmax will air his first interview.

ARV received a BscScan blue tick and banner ads were approved. Additionally, a token burn of 6.36B was completed by the team. Listings on MEXC Global (AAX), Liquid Global, Bittrex Global, and Bittrex Global are all complete. The Arivaman NFT series and the land sales to the metaverse project are currently in progress. The official website has more details, along with various social media channels. TwitterTelegram, Facebook and Twitter


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