Announcing CoinStats’ Partnership with Unicrypt

CoinStats welcomes Unicrypt to its new partnership. This will be a benefit to both users and help us get closer to our goals. Find out more information about this collaboration. You’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in!

Unicrypt: What is it?

Unicrypt, a multichain decentralized platform launched June 2020. Unicrypt currently has more than $500 million in crypto secured and has around 20,000 users per day. Liquidity lockers, token minting, vesting, farms, staking, as well as technology for launching new projects are the six main services provided by Unicrypt. 

What is the point of partnering?

CoinStats, Unicrypt and many other discussions led to the conclusion of CoinStats coming to the realization that one of our platforms could be used to provide reliable data. 

Users can track UniCrypt LP locks from CoinStats in real-time
CoinStats users can monitor UniCrypt Locks from UniCrypt in Real-Time

Liquidity Lockers is the first mutual integration, which has already gone live! It is what it means for you. 

The CoinStats desktop application allows you to track liquidity locks for your favourite cryptocurrencies. Let’s take UNCX.

You can view every market UNCX trades in by clicking the CoinStats button above. This includes a PancakeSwap (UNCX/BNB), and UniSwap (UNCX/ETH).

CoinStats button on Unicrypt's Token pages
CoinStats button on Unicrypt’s Token pages

The Unicrypt LP Locksmiths percentage of each pool is displayed in real time!

You can access CoinStats from Unicrypt’s side by using the Unicrypt mobile application.

From now on, you’ll be able to directly access CoinStats for in-depth research and tracking. 

Conclusion Thoughts

This integration is a great start, but Unicrypt and CoinStats still have many other features and implementations in the works. Keep checking! 

You can also keep up with Unicrypto and CoinStats by liking our social media pages and visiting our websites.


CoinStats | Unicrypt Network 


CoinStats | Unicrypt Network 


CoinStats | Unicrypt Network | 🤖 Telegram LP Locks


CoinStats | Unicrypt Network 

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