American Rapper Lil Baby On Holding Bitcoin And Ethereum Over Fiat

Some investors, for many years, have preferred to invest in crypto currencies like bitcoin and Ethereum over traditional cash. As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, the school of thought is becoming more common. Even celebrities and billionaires are now openly stating that they prefer to hold their wealth digital assets over fiat.

American rapper Lil Baby is one of the most recent celebrities to support bitcoin and ethereum. This rapper, who has been a star in just a few years, said that he’d rather have his wealth in cryptos like bitcoin and ethereum than cash.

Lil Baby Would Like His Bitcoin And Ethereum Money

American rapper Lil Baby was shopping on IceboxHe was asked his opinion on where he spends his money. The rapper is known to be a regular at the luxury jeweler with a running internet joke that people will “run into Lil Baby” when they visit the jeweler.

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The rapper was shopping and expressed dissatisfaction with the cash. Lil Baby said that all his cash would be better in Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the most popular cryptocurrencies at the moment.

He pointed to the cash bag he took with him when he bought jewelry and said it was all he had. The rapper is known to drop thousands of dollars at a time for some ‘iced out’ jewelry, which has grown to be somewhat of a status symbol among famous people.

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Lil Baby expressed interest in the metaverse as well. He told the attendant that he didn’t live in the real world, living instead in the metaverse. As for cash, he said that he wasn’t carrying any more cash, stating “I ain’t walking around with cash no more.”

Celebrities Dive Into Cryptocurrencies

Lil Baby doesn’t support cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ethereum. Some might even say he’s a little late to the game. 50 Cent was the talk of 2017/2018 when he disclosed that 700 bitcoins he earned from his album sales were worth million dollars.

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Busta Rhymes was a hip-hop artist who showed an interest last year in the cryptocurrency market, during peak Dogecoin excitement. It was a difficult learning curve that he eventually settled on bitcoin investing. He later revealed his intentions to continue charging bitcoin for future deals.

Megan Thee Stallion was a Hip Hop singer who teamed up August with Cash App for education on cryptocurrency. This partnership included video that was tailored for her fan base, and a 1 million bitcoin giveaway via the app.

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