A New Country for Bitcoin Mining Officially Opens Its Doors

Armenia launched a brand new ECOS Data Center with a power of 60 MW. A free economic zone is a unique opportunity for state support and provides affordable electricity to miner.

The Armenian government gave ECOS the task of creating and managing a Free Economic Zone in 2018 to encourage the growth and development high-tech and blockchain industries.

The company has more than 250,000 customers who use its cloudmining services and hosting worldwide. You can join the ECOS miner ecosystem today! On the site of the data centre, an entire infrastructure was constructed, including warehouses, regular spare parts supplies, and security guards.

ECOS Data Center receives 60 MW additional clean, reliable, and inexpensive electricity from high voltage networks. This makes it possible for almost 100% uptime electricity.

The new plot can accommodate more than 20,000 mining devices on an area of ​​2.2ha, with the potential to expand to an additional 200MW.

Moreover, the optimal temperature of this region allows to eliminate problems with overheating without additional expenses – the average annual temperature in Hrazdan is 4.8°C.

Also, we have to mention ECOS end-to-end service: The company takes full care and responsibility for the purchase of mining equipment from Bitmain, on behalf of our clients or simply helps to move from other data-centers to ECOS, the company’s employees test, install and maintain equipment 24/7 and you can watch and control your assets directly from the mobile app.

You have two options to manage your ECOS Hosting account and earn passive income. It is not easy to make a living mining. Let’s check out all the benefits here.

“We have come a long way from legalizing mining in Armenia to launching our own energy infrastructure that is ready for scaling. We want to offer our partners simplicity in everything: from launching your mining business on our data-center to daily monitoring of the result in the application without leaving your home” — said Ilya Goldberg, managing partner of ECOS. — “Our bundled product is made to serve both institutional and retail clients from any part of the world.”

Armenia supports the blockchain/mining industry and allowed creation of FEZs with special conditions like 0% income tax, 0% VAT and 0% import and exp duties. This allows our partners maximum capital return.

The company stated that ECOS services have great relevance today, due to the inability of the world to obtain stable, affordable electricity and constantly shifting legal requirements.

It is now that crypto winter has ended and you can start mining. It has been proven that it is the most lucrative time to invest in cryptocurrency. Start earning bitcoin mining now by signing up for ECOS Hosting!


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