A Metaverse Network Built on aelf Blockchain

Facebook’s name change to META has brought a spike in global interest in the metaverse-concept GameFi project, Decentraland. Blockchain infrastructure construction has been made possible by the land of the idea. The public chain will also bring significant improvements to performance, privacy, and usability.

Aelf has been the most secure and well-performing blockchain cloud infrastructure for a very long time. Aelf will likely be a leader in the public blockchain track due to the three following aspects.

The performance of an elf mainnet

aelf has developed an open-source blockchain network powered by the cloud and designed as a multi-level sidechain structure, enabling unlimited scalability on the road to a decentralized future. Users can access the platform to find a single solution that addresses all industrial bottlenecks. This includes cross-chain functionality and performance. The platform created each network node as its own cloud computing centre to improve performance. Each node gains infinite scaling when combined with the multi-level sidechain structure. Current production at aelf Enterprise is around 35k TPS per sidechain.

Metaverse is constantly evolving, and future transactions and users will be hundreds to thousands times more than today. These requirements require strong public-chain performance. Aelf fulfills these requirements.

Interoperationality with sidechains

Metaverse should be an integrated universe in which all the public blockchains can link together. Innovative blockchain technology has led to the creation of exclusive public chains, which have sometimes been blocked from communicating with one another. This means that current projects tend to be isolated.

Aelf invited an oracle to help solve the problem. The versatile oracle of an elf connects off-chain and onto-chain. A mesh network structure allows for communication between public chain two-way communication. This combinational solution is designed to overcome technical obstacles and solve industry problems. Our goal is to offer our users a simple-to-use and well-executed blockchain system.

A user-friendly developing framework – aelf Enterprise

The goal of aelf is to improve the user experience with the aelf Enterprise framework. This framework contains communication protocols, consensus mechanisms, smart contracts and many other modules. With aelf Enterprise, developers are able to build complete blockchains quickly and have easy access to the aelf eco-system with very low learning and development costs. This will allow developers to have more technology displays and will also make it possible for them to access the ecological support of other projects within the Aelf Ecosystem, including Lending, AMM and NFT.

Top of OASIS Hackathon is a large, focused hackathon that aims to promote blockchain technology. Top of OASIS Hackathon aims support projects at early stages and new ideas in the open-source development community. This will also increase diversity within the aelf community which will aid projects’ growth and eventual inclusion into the aelf ecosystem.

Although the hackathon may be focused on anything NFT-oriented, DeFi-oriented, Web 3.0 or DAO-oriented, aelf directs its participants to create GameFi and other metaverse projects. The event could be seen here.


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