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CropBytes (the four-year old metaverse farming video game) will be launching a brand new territory with 3D graphics on January 20th. New version upgrades greatly improved already adorable graphics. They also brought new feeling to adapt to mobile device aesthetics. What’s more, it keeps all the fun!


CropBytes, a farm simulator game that was released in 2018, has rapidly grown to be one of the best crypto gaming experiences. It boasts a large game community and more than 400,000 downloads organically. NFT games are available for Android and IOS users on the Apple as well as the Google App Stores.

CropBytes gameplay is a simple but intricately designed playscape ripe for creating a stable & sustainable economy. It was crucial for the developers of the game to put emphasis on long-term economics. CropBytes is a game that focuses on economics beyond the bull market. Most NFT games suffer from liquidity crisis and asset inflation, but this was kept in mind for CropBytes & addressed early on in the game economics.

Playing the game is very straightforward, and CropBytes comes with many features for its players, including – having a balanced economy, real ownership, open-market trading, and utility-based gaming, amongst other features being developed for the future.

Roadmap Q1 2022 contains fascinating features, such as tokenization and lending. These are thought to increase the popularity of the game. The game’s guild economy is the focus of the roadmap. It requires players to have proof of concept before they can start playing. This feature is not available in other games.

CBX mining is now live and there are many more uses for CBX in the future. CBX is listed on Mexc, ByBit and Uniswap. CBX holders are part of CropBytes’ metaverse. It is designed to continue growing over time and will be there for many years. In the game, you can also start mining Superhero NFT assets.

Exploring the CropBytes Metaverse: A Futuristic Crypto Game With Real Economics and Immersive Graphics

In the Metaverse, the Dream of Reclusive Farming Comes True

CropBytes has existed for just four years and provides a truly unique experience in farming. It is available to thousands around the world. It is now an established game category. CropBytes’ uniqueness is its ability to provide the basic experience of farming as well as asset ownership, which allows farm owners the opportunity to monetize and earn crypto-financial gains.

CropBytes is my very first game. The previous version was on a small, private farm that I own. Surrounded by beautiful snowy mountains, it was an idyllic setting. It was winter. The boundary of my farm was formed by the frozen lake and silver forest. All that fell silently was pure white snowflakes. Santa, riding his reindeer-led carriage, was the only one who visited my farm. It was winter on my farm. I couldn’t wait to see how the scenery changes when the seasons alternate. This version felt very three-dimensional to me. That’s why I was surprised to hear that there was a brand new version with even better graphics.

Exploring the CropBytes Metaverse: A Futuristic Crypto Game With Real Economics and Immersive Graphics
Here’s a sample of old graphics

All my assets were deployed on the first day I started farming. These included animals, their sheds and plots of farmland, as well as crop seeds and wells. CropBytes has a variety of pre-sorted digital assets. They range from small to medium in size. Every pack includes a handful of farm animals, soil, seeds and water. The large pack also contains farming tools that will help novice farmers such as me get started. You can purchase all digital assets at the tiny market booth using TRX. CropBytes owns its crypto currency, CBX. For 360 CBX (around 81 USD), a big pack that contains all you need to get the farm started costs around 81 US Dollars. In the CB Shop, I discovered very sophisticated-looking wind turbines and the excitement lasted until I found out that it is now worth over 5,000 USD… I wish I joined the game two years ago!

Exploring the CropBytes Metaverse: A Futuristic Crypto Game With Real Economics and Immersive Graphics

Enjoy a New Version with Great Graphics and Even More Fun

After I had the chance to experience the 3D terrain, I decided to install the game on my tablet. While the original game features and cozy gameplay were retained, the new version updated the farm’s appearance to be more mobile-friendly. What’s more important, the new terrain seamlessly transferred all my game data and keeps my farm tidy and neat as it used to be.

It can be difficult and frightening to live a day as a farmer in this dimension. But the digital farmer’s life in the metaverse is way much easier, thanks to the impossibility of generating manure order or scorching sunshine on Web3. When the iconic background music started to roll, I know that I’m back on my little lovely farm, and everything looks fabulous. When a large part of our world is still moving slowly in the winter, I’m so thrilled to see that my farm in the new version already entered spring.

There are many tasks on the farm, including harvesting, feeding livestock, and grinding feed crops. The new version allows me to see my character better while he does all of the farm chores like irrigating or sowing.

Exploring the CropBytes Metaverse: A Futuristic Crypto Game With Real Economics and Immersive Graphics

If you are an experienced player who has made a good deal of money trading your assets, there is a lot more to be done at the farm. CropBytes has released a collection of Superhero Animals that can be traded in addition to our familiar farm animals. The superhero animal food can be ground up. For those interested in creating breed foods, there are recipes available.

After the release of the latest version, I ran to the supermarket to see if any new products were available. It was! Without spoiling the full fun, it’s great to mention that on top of the original superhero collections, new superheroes are created which can be later used in battles. In the previous version, players were able to invite their friends to mark their farms on a global map. Peer-to-peer supervillain combat will add an extra level of social connection. I’m very much looking to try that out.

Exploring the CropBytes Metaverse: A Futuristic Crypto Game With Real Economics and Immersive Graphics

Sell Digital Produce, and other Ways to Make Cryptocurrency

A few days later, my milk and eggs were accumulated. This was the time to start exploring trading these assets. Although it’s not a lot as a beginner with minimum investment, the experience was quite fun.

For beginners to blockchain gaming, it might be difficult to understand the trading process or, to put it another way, how to sell. A trading page that shows the latest trades as well as market trends will be opened once an asset has been identified (eggs, for example) from the inventory. Choose the asset to sell, select the amount you wish to place, and then click on the Sell button.

Exploring the CropBytes Metaverse: A Futuristic Crypto Game With Real Economics and Immersive Graphics

Players can also make money by selling farm assets. CropBytes created many ways that players can experience various types of work on the farms and different ways to earn money. The farm could be powered by solar panels or wind turbines. This energy can then later be used for TRX. The farm owner can buy and set up a feedmill to help them grind their crops and make additional income.

What’s even more interesting is the breeding of superheroes. CropBytes’ superheroes are a collection of NFT-powered animals which can be traded or bred using special breed foods. To increase farm efficiency, each NFT super-hero has an individual buff: The NFT Chichu lightening NFT Chichu generates more power from wind turbines. NFT Green’s floral NFT Green boosts production of crops. NFT Waterl looks like Poseidon and increases water production from the lakes and wells. Every NFT super-hero is originally priced at 18,000 CBX.

Exploring the CropBytes Metaverse: A Futuristic Crypto Game With Real Economics and Immersive Graphics

Additional Screenshots

How would you want to trade with other players if there was a metaverse farm?


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