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PRICE RELEASE Sydney, Australia – Cardingo is an NFT series and Cardano NFT marketplace that has secretly been in the works for months. Cardano smart contracts were still in the works, but the Cardingo team was busy creating a range of NFTs as well as a marketplace that would appeal to Cardano lovers around the world.

Smart contracts were not the first to sell CNFTs. Easycnft.io, and cnft.io offer CNFTs since months. The platforms have seen so much success that the constant stream of NFTs is overwhelming. Cardingo is a unique marketplace that only select artists can use to mint NFTs. This allows Cardingo to be different. Cardingo’s curated marketplace is unique in its approach. Cardingo will continue to search for high-quality artwork and artists who are highly regarded to be part of the community. We are putting extra effort into finding Aboriginal artists and art to increase our income and allow us to share our culture and heritage with the rest of the world.


Cardingo aims not only to have a strong CNFT marketplace, but also to be a faithful defender dedicated to stomping on Cardano Fud. Cardano enthusiasts will have a fun, but serious, side gig that they can cheer on as Cardano moves into a new age.


Cardingo NFT Platform is set to launch with a series of NFTs that have been carefully developed:

  • HoskeyChainsWe are proud to be the first company to provide keychains that can be computer generated in many Cardano-inspired characters.
  • HoskeySmokeysArtist-generated pixel animations depicting Charles Hoskinson, in animated pixels that blow smoke.
  • HoskeyMatesAnother artist created NFT depicting Charles Hoskinson in pixel form wearing various costumes or portraying different characters.
  • HoskeyMationCharles Hoskinson is also represented in NFTs created by another artist. The animations are pixel animated and show different Hoskey levels like pro, noob, etc.
  • HoskeyPunksComputer-generated NFT depict Charles Hoskinson in pixel form wearing various costumes or portraying different characters.
  • You can also use a Hoskey Special EditionRare Charles Hoskinson Collection that includes illustration and animation. More details about this NFT will follow.


Cardingo hopes to increase awareness of the Dingo and spread love. Cardingo has joined forces with Dingo FoundationThis will allow you to promote the Dingo Foundation and increase awareness.

Lyn Watson, Head of the foundation, said “we’ve been really hard up for funding due to the lockdown and lack of visitors,” but she is thrilled to partner with Cardingo and thinks the added global attention and donations will help her accomplish her goal of “federal protection for the species.”

The native dingoes of Australia are a vital part of our Ecosystem. They are also a valued predator and are essential to maintaining balance in the ecosystem. They have been poisoned and trapped over the years, as well as being hunted. Lyn worries that the species may become extinct if it is not protected soon. The dingo population at the Dingo Sanctuary are a species “insurance population, which is a big responsibility.”

Their most well-known Dingo, Wandi was recently the father of a litter at Dingo Sanctuary. Wandi’s story went viral when the world learned the tale of a Dingo pup that was dropped from the talons of an eagle to land in a suburban backyard. Wandi is even the author of his book and it may one day be used in Australian schools. Lyn hopes Wandi will help the next generation learn to love and appreciate Australia’s most valuable predator, rather than try and push it to extinction.

Lyn hopes to continue her efforts to improve the image of the Dingo by partnering up with Cardingo. In the near future, she hopes to create a museum and gallery featuring Dingo and Aboriginal art that visitors can enjoy and appreciate.


Cardingo also will incorporate Australian Aboriginal art. One of the earliest evidences of Aboriginal philosophy can be found in still-visible rock art that dates back more then 20,000 years.

The Australian Aboriginal People do not speak a written language. Instead, symbols and icons used in their art are used to tell their stories.

Cardingo provides opportunities for Aboriginal artists to share information and preserve their culture. Indigenous art is all about telling stories and sharing knowledge of land, events and Aboriginal beliefs.


NFT drops for the Cardingo Series will take place in the first week of November 2021. Cardingo will soon launch the utility token on the market. This token will provide future staking options as well as additional rewards to Cardingo token holders.


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