$50K BTC After PlanB $100k Miss

Bitcoin fell to $50,000 after PlanB’s epic failure. This avoided a Christmas Day shock for BTC bulls.

PlanB Model Fails Bitcoin

PlanB’s model failed many crypto investors who must be looking at their portfolios with disappointment, as the pseudonymous analyst’s $100,000 Bitcoin prediction did not come true on December 25.

According to TradingView data BTC/USD held $50,000 support through the weekend after having ranged following local highs of $51,500.

The pair was calm as Christmas approached, but there were still weaker liquidity and violent price movements.

Analysts and traders are taking breaks from analysis and trading, so the $53,000 market cap level of $1 trillion remains the most attractive upside target.

BTC trading starting at $50k TradingView

PlanB made it a point to seperate his floor model from Bitcoin stock/to-flow. According to PlanB, the floor model was unsuccessful in December and November. the analyst,It did not meet the minimum expected cost of $98,000 or $135,000 respectively.

PlanB previously said that Bitcoin would not surpass $100k by December and his stock-toflow model would be null. However, he seems to have changed his mind. PlanB said in a tweet that he was changing his mind.

PlanB, according to reports, stated that this summer, if Bitcoin prices did not exceed $100,000 by December, S2F would be considered useless.

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Is Next Year PlanB’s Plan B

Following criticism over Twitter statements he claims were misinterpreted, PlanB noted that Bitcoin would continue to follow his model’s projections.

Experts and investors are divided. Many investors debate whether the failure of the floor model marks the end for S2F. However, Willy Woo is a Bitcoin-on-chain analyst who has a more positive perspective. PlanB’s opinion did not define S2F, according to Woo, because models existed independently of their designers. He wrote on Twitter,

“A model is a model. You can always look at the model years later to see whether or not it is invalidated. Certainly not from some arbitrary line in the sand, even if it’s from the creator.”

Although a $135,000 prediction from the floor model was invalidated this month proved overly optimistic, it remains to be used as an average for this half-cycle. PlanB stated previously that models do NOT have to be perfect to work.

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