5 Lessons By Livia Devi That Will Impact On Your Personal Development

Livia is an entrepreneur mentor. Her goal is to help entrepreneurs shift consciousness globally from the 3rd to 4th and 5th dimensions. 

The ability to shift consciousness to higher levels will help you see that reality does not just exist where you are, but also offers many possibilities and realities. You have the power to determine how your reality influences your life.

What Livia does to help people change their consciousness

Statisticians have shown that your mental set-up (mental inclination) can significantly impact your business development and employment opportunities in the corporate sector. This bracket cannot be limited. You cannot develop your skills if “I don’t possess the technical potential.” 

The trance channel is a tool that Livia uses to help people around the world make conscious choices. When she is in that state she receives codes and technologies. She then transmits these to people who are under her mentorship. It aids in changing consciousness. 

These 5 lessons from Livia are helpful for your personal growth

  1. Mental consciousness is important

Personal development and achievement are directly affected by your mental awareness. Change your mentality to achieve success in high-tech fields, such as cryptocurrency development. Livia will mentor you, and help you acquire the technical knowledge and codes necessary to be successful in this industry.

  1. It is possible to co-create your life. 

You will be able to change your perspective and see infinite possibilities by attending Livia’s mentorship training. This allows you to discover many opportunities that are available to you. You don’t have to be limited by your current circumstances. This mentorship can help you overcome any obstacles in your career.

  1. Business and spirituality can be combined.

Business growth can include spirituality. Livia is able, through her work with entrepreneurs to close the spirituality gap within the company. Imagine you need solutions for your business, such as a new social or financial system. You can use the spirituality and conscious change to solve your problems.

  1. Innovating can only be possible through mindful change

Conscious change is a key factor in innovation. Livia helped clients develop cryptocurrency (an alternative currency) by working closely with them. This mentorship program will help you to boost your creativity.

  1. You need ‘conscious’ mentorship training for your personal development.

For your business to succeed, planning is key. Livia’s mentoring program was a success because she organized her students into various layers. An online store that stocks a variety of activations and transmissions is the first layer. A membership program is the second layer. You can sign up for a minimum six-month membership, which costs $650 per month. Her ability to plan has allowed her to mentor others worldwide, helping them reach their goals. To learn more, you can follow her mentorship program from any part of the globe.

You can contact Livia for more information at;

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq_QBIMKKa_ouphZM0s5nfQ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arcturianschanneling/ 

Website: https://linktr.ee/liviadevi