5 Blockchain trends for 2019

The Blockchain world is a constantly evolving ecosystem, like on the earth of the new dawn new “races” would appear, others would evolve, others are destined to extinction.

Consider that in this world, more than 90% of blockchain startups fail, and they have an average life of just over a year.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in 2018

This 2018 saw a growth in cryptocurrencies, and then a ruinous collapse of their quotations.

Blockchain technology, on the contrary, has seen the clouds created by China and South Korea dissipate at the beginning of the year, with the block of the ICOs. In fact, both countries and companies like IBM, Amazon, Oracle, have decided to develop proprietary platforms based on this very modern technology.

The implementation of compliance rules by countries such as South Korea are the evidence of the awareness of the major world governments of the potential of this new economy.

5 Blockchain trends for 2019

Identifying the 5 trends of 2019 related to the “block chain” is not easy, but it is certain that next year will bring great news, and perhaps some unexpected surprise.

Online gaming.

The videogames industry is increasingly interested in crypto tokens, and therefore in the blockchain technology.

The Bountie company is a prime example, it has in fact scheduled an online games platform, which will allow you to receive rewards in cryptocurrencies.

Instead of buying goods and equipment with a currency inside the game, like in Fortune or World of Warcraft, you will be able to use your wallet’s cryptocurrency.

We already talked to you in one of our articles about Sony’s approvation for a Playstation 4 videogame, based on the Ethereum blockchain platform.

Mass adoption of the blockchain technology.

Since the start of this year, the interest of large companies such as Sony and IBM towards the creation of decentralized apps based on the blockchain system is clear.

A survey conducted by the market research firm International Data Corporation, highlighted the intention to invest millions of dollars in the blockchain, by many investors.

Scalability and easy use of blockchain

The massive use of the blockchain has brought out all its limits as early as 2017, when the game based on blockchain, Cryptokitties, has literally tilted the Ethereum Network.

The lack of scalability of the platforms limits its performance. Even the most innovative solutions like sidechain are not yet able to handle large volumes of data. Almost all blockchain applications are everything except user friendly, they’re difficult to use for the average user who operates on the internet.

Blockchain Rebranding

The world of the Blockchain has a great need to be distinguished from that of cryptocurrencies, it requires a real rebranding.

Even now, most of the people who are approaching this revolutionary technology, associate the blockchain with transaction made with cryptocurrencies, often obscure and potentially dangerous.

In 2019 we hope  that the information on the net and large companies can clear things up a bit. Not focusing almost exclusively on financial markets related to cryptocurrencies.

Governments and blockchain

In just one year you could see the ICOs and the exchange platforms banned in China and South Korea. And after, the subsequent rehabilitation thanks to regulations that regulate the operation.

South Korea will soon be equipped with a voting system based on blockchain.

Regulations on blockchain and cryptocurrencies are already under development in countries such as Malta, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Lithuania, a trend that will surely increase in the next 2019.