4JNET: The Upcoming Blockchain Phenomenon

4JNET, the upcomIng Safemoon rival, released its limited-edition NFTs’ presale. Discover more about 4JNET to learn why it’s the rising blockchain phenomenon.

Many blockchain-based companies have entered the market as blockchain technology is becoming mainstream. Names like 4JNET, however, are already establishing prestige despite all the congestion.

There are multiple applications for the network in different areas, including payments and crypto. 4JNET has recently released 5,000 NFTs in limited editions. This network offers investors tremendous earning opportunities and has a favorable profit outlook for the future.

Certik, a world-renowned audit firm, has given it its stamp of approval. In additiōn, 4JNET boasts an MSB license, highlighting its reliable solutions to the industry. The fourth stage in its roadmap will be completed by the release of this software on December 1, 2008.

This network completed all three phases: getting a license, conducting an audit and selling non-fungible tokens. 4JNET, a promising venture in crypto and NFTs, could have entered the sector at a more favorable time than 2021.

4JNET had sold 40% of its limited edition NFTs by 17 November 2021. What is the reason why crypto and NFT lovers are choosing to invest in a yet unreleased venture instead? Let’s find out.

4JNET Limited-Edition NFTs: What’s the Appeal?

The primary reason behind the popularity is 4JNET’s core functionalities. This network is meeting all the requirements of crypto industry. It will also offer NFTs and trading services, making it an all-in-one solution.

The network also released limited numbers of tokens to show that it’s not just riding the success wave. 4JNET, which is witnessing fraud in the industry, has demonstrated that they value quality and worth more than anything.

Users should also consider the benefits of NFTs. It has offered a variety of prestigious rewards to its users as a reward for their early adoption. The rewards offered include more than 60 billion 4JNET tokens that can be used for multiple purposes.

NFT owners will also be subject to a 3% fee for using the network. Additionally, token owners will be able to freely trade NFTs and transfer the interest along with tokens.

The venture recently got visibility on the prime advertising real estate – The NASDAQ Screen at Times Square.

The Modern Blockchain Sector: Why is 4JNET an able player?

As a truly decentralized solution, 4JNET packs the support of the BSC’s intelligent chain. It hosts many expresses by IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. 4JNET also started an initiative that kept the tokens away from its team members to show a customer-centric approach.

The official 4JNET website states that it will be launching on December 1, 2021. However, the site can prepare if it predates the NFTs. There are good chances the network will debut earlier than planned, considering that almost 20% of the stack has been sold.

4JNET provided important information about the mechanism, in addition to its launch date.

  • Initial transaction fees will be maintained at 90% by the network
  • For every transaction, the current fee will become *0.999
  • 4JNET may reduce the transaction fee up to 10%
  • 4JNET will pay 6% of the 10% dividend and sell the rest to repurchase the liquidity.
  • By burning liquid wallet recovery rights, it will preserve permanent liquidity
  • You will not be charged any additional fees due to the contract.
  • 4JNET set as immutable consent the handling fee for every address that holds crypto.
  • It will destroy the project owner’s account at the black hole address to showcase a fair trading ecosystem
  • Users can release 4JPASS that integrates the NFT functions by realizing the owner’s profit

With such features on display, 4JNET’s apparent comparison with Safemoon is natural. Although both ventures have similar characteristics, experts can clearly see that 4JNET has been enhancing the functionality to satisfy customer requirements. Its innovative solutions can address every user’s need related to NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

It aims to create fair trading conditions for everyone, no matter their level of experience or size. The network aims at creating a friendly and valued-oriented community in order to provide transparent, decentralized and decentralized solutions to blockchain problems.

4JNET recognizes the need for transparent and secure decentralization. This includes eliminating all loopholes in NFTs and smart contracts. This network has high business ethics and will soon grow in popularity.

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