4 DeFi Projects That Will Rock 2022

As the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry continues to grow and expand, many newbies and experienced users still don’t understand the core drivers of the sector’s growth. This is why mainstream finance continues to hold the majority of the market. The project utility trend is increasing and will provide a solid foundation for future growth.

There are DeFi projects in almost every industry of finance. Because web3 technologies have many advantages, the use-cases have become increasingly popular. These are just a handful of projects that can rock 2022.

Alkemi Network Establishes a Standard for Institutional DeFi

Alkemi Network is a DeFi-compliant liquidity platform that can be used by institutions. It has revolutionized the way liquid ecosystems operate within this space.

The DeFi market has relied heavily on liquidity pools. There are many projects that have used liquidity-based strategies. Alkemi Network offers dual options. The network has both permissioned liquidity pools and one-token governance. This is an important first in the DeFi space.

KYC-liquidity pools enable professional traders and institutions to take advantage of the DeFi market’s unique opportunities while remaining in compliance with financial regulations. This is the best possible combination. Compliant Institutional DeFi nullifies the notion presented by the centralized finance industry that DeFi liquidity projects can’t have trusted spaces.

Alkemi’s Earn dApp allows both retail and institutional investors to lend & borrow USDC, WBTC, ETH, & DAI – all with the peace of mind that comes with permissioned pools and institutional-grade reporting features.

ClubRare ties NFTs with The Real World

ClubRare introduced physical items for auction to shake up the Non-Fungible Token space. NFTs previously only operated in the virtual world. ClubRare, the first NFT-backed marketplace for physical goods, has created a niche in which NFT platforms can now focus on the utility of their products.

ClubRare sells handbags as well watches, jewelry and food. ClubRare offers NFTs that help to express real world value.

It is easy to create virtual platforms. Virtual NFT Marketplaces can be set up by anyone. An NFT marketplace for physical goods is quite different. It is however a niche market that can be used to bring people closer to their doors.

Manta Network Brings DeFi Privacy Up to New Heights

DeFi privacy solutions used hardware layers before they could work. Manta Network has taken things to a new level by using zk–SNARK cryptographic tech to solve problems. Manta, which is built from substrate, ensures privacy and sovereignty for Polkadot Parchain auctions.

The DeFi industry offers privacy many advantages. Hacking is one of the benefits. Even if vulnerabilities exist within a project’s code, the hacker can’t do much damage until the code gets patched. User anonymity ensures that hackers and malicious individuals don’t have access to wallet addresses and transaction hashes, thus creating another layer of security within the web3 space.

It also creates a new paradigm for web3 users who don’t want pseudonymous transactions, which has its limitations, as proven by elliptical analysis and other methods. Absolute privacy is essential, so the DeFi industry will see more Manta.

The Exotic Markets Facilitate Decentralized Wealth Management

Exotic Markets, an Solana-based DeFi wealth Management solution has introduced a paradigm shift in portfolio management tools for the web3. Exotic Markets offers an exotic assistant for helping users to develop DeFi investment plans that will work best in their portfolios.

Exotic Markets developed patterns for profit that work regardless of the DeFi market’s behavior. Exotic Markets helps users optimize profit by guiding them to use risk tolerance, investment maturity and market view.

Exotic Markets’ team has gone further and opened up their architecture so developers can deploy projects with many advantages. Developers can create products that are path dependent, one-off product offerings and vehicles using the platform.

Exotic Markets continues to lead the way in making wealth-creation tools accessible to all with innovative innovations, such as yield-generating stabilizecoins.

How does 2022 look for the DeFi Space?

DeFi will grow in all areas of human life as the DeFi market matures. The DeFi space has the potential to explode in 2022 and be a leader in web3 technology adoption.

The web2.0 world is changing to web3.0. Big tech is keen to be part of this action and many companies want a slice of DeFi. The problem is that decentralization rules the web3 space, and centralized organizations can’t unbundle themselves into this state.

It gives web3 a strategic edge and decreases bureaucracy that have stifled innovation in centralized technology. The industry’s highest growth stage will be 2022 and beyond.

The space will be populated by new users, which will lead to widespread adoption of web3 technology. The DeFi Projects will lead this new age.


Makarios Tang, Unsplash

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