3Space Art Incetivizing Artists and Collectors to Showcase their Digital Artwork Offline and Online

The most popular trend of 2021, NFTs, took off ever since the legacy auction house Christie’s sold digital artist Beeple’s artwork for an eye-watering $69 million.

These non-fungible tokens have changed how we view ownership. The hype is rising and will eventually normalize. However, the idea will expand to include more than just art. It will also cover intellectual property rights and ticketing.

A New NFT Powerhouse

NFTs, while they have a bright future ahead of them, are still very much in the early stages. 3Space Art has launched its NFT platform to help grow this sector.

3Space Art provides an NFT marketplace that artists and collectors use to sell and buy artwork. They also help beginners and experts with their onboarding and marketing processes.

Officially, the hybrid platform launched the NFT platform which allows for widespread digital art use in real life. 3Space Art also helps artists transition to the new virtual world.

Online and offline exhibitions allow artists to display their work. NFT users also have the opportunity to display them at home, in offices or in galleries and exhibitions.

3Space Art makes this possible. It acts as an intermediary between NFTs, the real world and NFTs by finding suitable channels for digital art to be displayed in physical places and organizing exhibitions.

The platform encourages creators and other creatives to collaborate to create an open community that can capture an audience beyond the metaverse.

Online exhibitions and galleries draw a wider audience, especially for those unfamiliar with NFT and crypto. They also bring in new and diverse potential buyers.

This project makes it easy for people to purchase digital art. They can simply scan the QR code and buy the piece they like, then display it in their home or office.

Customers are not required to purchase crypto currency. Instead, they can use their credit cards or regular fiat currencies to buy NFTs.

3Space Art incentivizes collectors as well as artists, to display their art in exhibitions or offline events via its Art Pool. The smart contract pool allows both buyers and sellers to deposit their NFTs. 3Space Art then has the rights to showcase their art at online or offline events. Participants in the pool receive 100% of the profits.

It is working in partnership with other venues and organizations like Makerspace. This University-funded IoT research centre is developing a digital framework on a monthly basis. The digital frames will allow NFTs to be placed in frames, and their owners can display digital art at home and work places.

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