3 Bullish Chart Patterns That Will Help You Become A Better Trader

Although trading crypto during the bear markets is difficult for many traders (even advanced ones), it also produces some of the greatest traders and millions. If you don’t have the right skills or are not able to implement your strategy (Bullish charts patterns), trading can be risky and could endanger your life. In this instance, it will cost your portfolio.

If you are patient, have the right mindset and know how to trade charts patterns and indicators. This will give you an edge over institutions and large investors. Traders and investors are looking for strategies that maximize profitability to maximise their earnings potential. They are extremely successful when used correctly. Let’s look at how you can use three bullish chart patterns to increase your chances of beating the market and making consistent profits. We’ll also look at how to use these bullish chart patterns as a trading strategy.

Falling Wedge As A Bullish Chart Pattern

MKR Price Breaks Out Of A Falling Wedge | Source: MKRUSDT On Tradingview.com

The trend reversal shape of the falling wedge is composed of two lines that converge, one at each end. This chart pattern can sometimes occur in an upward trend, which indicates a consolidation of an existing uptrend before prices continue to move in the same direction.

Falling wedge patterns are not as popular as some other patterns. It is still a useful strategy that traders can rely on to open long positions after a breakout. The falling wedge pattern: How can you identify it?

  • The price action is then followed by temporary trades in the downtrend, forming swing lows and highs (lower highs or lower lows).
  • They are created by There are two trends (the lower and upper) that seem to be converging.
  • You can. A decrease in volume is seen as the channel advances. However, a breakout by buyers from the channel will shift the trend from a downward to an upward direction.

Ascending triangle as a bullish chart pattern

BNB Price Breaks Out Of An Ascending Triangle | Source: BNBUSDT On Tradingview.com

An ascending triangle can be described as a bullish continuation of pattern. It consists of a rising lower trendline, and a flat higher trendline that acts as support. The pattern indicates that buyers tend to be more aggressive than sellers in placing orders. This is evident by the formation of high lows within the triangle, which are followed up with a possible breakout in the trend’s direction. 

An indication that a trader is likely to buy if the trend moves in the opposite direction would be a breakout. This strategy has been very successful. Here’s how you can identify the pattern.

  • The pattern is in ascending trends so traders need to look out for an increase in price.
  • Consolidation occurs on the market.
  • The trendline is rising, signifying a swing high.
  • A support price is provided by an upper trendline.
  • Trend continuation, with the possibility of breaking out from the upper trendline.

Bullish Rectangle 

Bullish rectangle charts are formed during an uptrend. They indicate that the trend is likely to continue. It is much easier to identify than many other patterns. This signal can be used to confirm a market trend. Here’s how to spot this pattern.

  • You can identify an uptrend and then a consolidation in the price.
  • You can draw your resistance and support lines.
  • To enter a buy or sell order, wait for the breakout to occur and then close at the top of channel.
Featured Image from NBTC Charts From Tradingview 

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