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Recent research has shown that 2 out 5 Americans who are in a committed relationship have confessed to concealing a purchase of cryptocurrency from their partner. They believe that disclosing the transaction would cause them to lose their partner.

There are reasons to not disclose purchases

Circuit conducted a survey to assess the level of financial infidelity within Americans. It found that 2 out 5 respondents kept their cryptocurrency purchases secret from their spouses. The survey results revealed that respondents who confessed concealing cryptocurrency purchases from their partners believed that revealing these transactions would cause harm to their relationships.

As noted in a blog post that summarizes the survey findings, American partners in committed relationships often fail to disclose certain acquisitions because they feel such purchases are either insignificant or none of their partner’s business. The post notes that “parents were more likely than those without children to hide purchases from their partners.” Embarrassment or the fear of being judged are some of the other reasons why Americans choose to hide certain purchases.

The survey revealed that American partners fail to reveal nine additional secret purchases. The acquisitions include everything from pornography and adult toys to groceries and food delivery.

American Financial Infidelity Report: 2 out of 5 Survey Respondents Hid Their Crypto Purchases

What the Consequences Of Lying

Although respondents have their reasons for choosing to make the purchases secret, the blog post warns that lying about money matters “can lead to distrust, debt, fights and relationship trouble.” Therefore, to minimize the risk of getting caught, Americans are said to employ different tactics to stop keep their secret purchases from being discovered.

The opening of a secret credit account is an example of such a tactic. 38.9% reported that this was used to stop a partner discovering the secret purchase. Respondents also indicated that they might ask the delivery company to conceal the purchase. Study findings show that around 41.1% men asked delivery services to cover up a purchase. Only 34% did so for women.

The survey also found that one in three women intercepted drivers right before delivery. Only one in four of the men who took this action admitted doing it.

The clearing of browsing histories is Americans’ most popular method to conceal purchases, according to survey results. The clearing of browsing history was used by approximately 45.7%. Cheating partners often resort to special delivery requests.

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