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PRICE RELEASE Innovation has always been an essential part of the LBank Exchange’s core value. LBank Exchange was launched in 2015 and has seen many innovative projects listed. This enabled 6.4 millions users around the globe to take part in crypto investments, helping propel the growth of numerous crypto projects. LBank Exchange listed more than 150 meme/community project in 2021. Four of these increased 100x, 10 increased 50x, 25 increased 30x, and 25 increased by 30x. LBank Exchange listed more than 20+ of its initial listings in this year’s digital asset trading platform. These were later listed on leading other exchanges. Without the support of these projects, LBank Exchange wouldn’t have become the world-class digital asset trading platform it is today.

LBank Exchange’s Galaxy Club membership program is designed to help these companies connect on a deeper level and inspire them to continue innovation. The program offers 100 slots and selects projects that are innovative enough to draw attention to the project’s vision. LBank Exchange selects projects to benefit from its membership. This includes special monthly token buybacks, media promotion and opportunities for participation in international blockchain roadshows.

To be eligible for Galaxy Club membership there are certain requirements that projects must meet. These requirements can be found here:

  1. A listing on LBank Exchange has already been made or is in the process of being made.
  2. Recognizes LBank Exchange as a long-term business partner and agrees with LBank Exchange’s core value.
  3. There are more than 1,000 token holders. Each token holder must have at least 100 USDT of tokens.
  4. There are no fewer than 10,000 social media followers.
  5. The tokens have shown price stability, and they haven’t experienced a large decrease in value over the last three months.
  6. There is no scandalous PR incident.

The project can be a Galaxy Club member and enjoy:

  1. LBank Exchange will purchase tokens from Galaxy Club members’ project amounting to 50% of last month’s transaction fees on LBank Exchange.
  2. Galaxy Club members will have 2 chances to promote collaborative events on LBank Exchange’s partnered media platforms.
  3. Galaxy Club members have two chances to participate in global blockchain roadshows hosted at LBank Exchange.
  4. Galaxy Club members receive discounts on listing services for projects they recommend.

The total number of Galaxy Club members to be recruited is 100. Once the positions are filled, recruiting will cease until another opening opens. You can join the Galaxy Club to become the next superstar and help change the world with LBank Exchange.


LBank Exchange will purchase back tokens at the start of every month. For the program to be eligible, tokens must have attained transaction fees in excess of 5,000 USDT.

Members may be removed if the following happens: A large decline in token values / An investigation by local authorities / Large-scale customer complaints / Another major PR crisis

LBank Exchange

LBank Exchange was founded in 2015. It is a global trading platform that allows users to trade various cryptocurrency assets. LBank Exchange offers its customers safe cryptocurrency trading and specialized financial derivatives. It also provides professional asset management services. The platform has been a trusted choice for crypto traders, with more than 6 million people from more than 200 countries.

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