Quik․com Releases Update for Its NFT Domains

Much-anticipated Major update for Quik.comIt has been released to the public, giving users brand-new capabilities, such as edit and Quik API. More are planned in the weeks and months ahead.

Quik.com, a marketplace for P2P NFT domains, offers top-level NFT domains that run on blockchain-based protocols ERC-721 and ERC-1155. The fundamental specifics regarding the October 2022 upgrade, as well as the ones coming next week and next month, were included in a recent press release published by Quik.com’s official support team.

Quik.com will integrate many characteristics to enhance user accessibility, user-experience and engagement with the newly launched Quik API.

What’s in the new Quik.com update?

Quik.com just launched a new “edit feature” that enables NFT domain owners to update their NFT domain with owner-specific information such as address details, URLs, text records, and cryptocurrency wallet addresses. It will allow users to identify and understand NFT domain owners and how they use their NFT domains to enhance connectivity and network among themselves.

The new “edit feature” also allows users to add their NFT domain use case, giving others the chance to learn about and explore NFT domains. Quik.com added support for six additional blockchains to its platform, which includes ETH and BTC as well as DOGE, BNB, BNB, SOL and LTC.

The update will improve the user experience by creating new connections, growth and engagement channels. The most eagerly anticipated update among Quik users was the new “Quik API,” which unifies all the features and offers a connected, user-focused, and improved experience for users with front-end API tools and API documentation, to be live for the general public using the following week.

Along with a “template builder” that will make website creation much simpler for Quik users, the company is also introducing a “chrome extension” for integrating smooth accessibility solutions for users and connecting web applications. Quik.com users now have ready-to-use tools for creating decentralized web 3.0 sites and engagingly designing them using the Quik.com template maker.

Quik.com worked with various web development companies and developers to provide several notable premium features for Quik users, showcasing the update’s potential and the pace at which it was improving the Web3 domain names market.

Important Note

NFT Domains are most commonly used for two purposes: hosting decentralized sites and to convert non-human readable random algorithmic cryptocurrency wallet addresses into human-readable NFTdomain name extensions with configurable extensions.

With many cryptocurrencies now enabled, Quik.com’s latest upgrade concentrates more on improving the user experience while opening up several avenues for linking NFT domains to various crypto wallets. You can also host decentralized websites that have built-in design features and tools for user engagement.

What does an NFT Domain look like?

A NFT domain can be a domain that has extensions such as.web3,.metaverse or.vr. It is listed on the public blockchain and is accessible via smart contracts. NFT domains are stored in cryptocurrency wallets and can be used to create decentralized websites and connect to other digital assets.

NFT Domains, which are not available to the public, will remain the domains that the future holds. NFT domains are owned and managed by the person who mints them.

NFT domains can be purchased for one time; users are not required to pay monthly or annual subscription fees. As an added benefit, the Quik.com NFT domain owner receives a 5–10% royalty on all subsequent sales of the NFT domain. Quik.com allows you to purchase NFT domains.

NFT Domains are beneficial and can be used for their benefits:

  • The owner of NFT Domain has full authority and rights once it is minted. There are no central or third-party interventions.
  • NFT domains can be used for hosting decentralized websites and also for connecting and hosting metaverse properties on web3.0 with NFT domains such as myproperty.metaverse.
  • Users can buy, sell, exchange, and trade on Quik.com’s P2P NFT domain marketplace solutions, which also allow its users to connect, engage, and negotiate on its platform.
  • The domain is owned by NFT domain owners. They have sole control over its management and use. If the owner wishes to sell the NFT domain, Quik.com offers a 5–10% royalty for the owner over every subsequent sale of the NFT domain.
  • Users can, for example, use NFT to replace non-human-readable crypto wallet algorithm addresses with customizable and human-readable wallet addresses. You can replace wallet address: http://hhe209on#sfje%nae@ with the NFT domain: mywallet.metaverse.

How can I mint an NFT-domain?

Minting, which is the registration of the NFT domain owner, requires funds, credential verification and a cryptocurrency wallet. These are the steps you can follow to create an NFT domain at Quik.com.

1.: Web search for quik.com, which will land the user on Quik.com’s main page.

Step 2: Before moving further, make sure to log in or sign up with Quik.com’s ecosystem and connect your MetaMask wallet with verified credentials.

Step 3: Once logged in, click on the search bar and type the “name” for minting an NFT domain. After entering the name, click search or hit enter. This will display a list of NFT domain extensions that match your selected name, including mywallet.btc and mywallet.metaverse.


Step 3The NFT domain can be found on the top of the homepage. It will showcase a list of NFT domains available in Quik.com’s ecosystem and select the desired NFT domain extension for minting, such as .metaverse, .web3, .vr, etc.

Step 4Click on mywallet.metaverse to view the NFT domain extensions and the name of the NFT domain.

Step 5Click on mint to land at the mint page. The mint button is bold. To make payment, click mint.

Step 6Before you make payment, verify that cryptocurrency has been funded to your wallet.

Step 7Upon payment confirmation, the NFTdomain is then added to the wallet. The connection with Quik.com has been cut and the NFTdomain owner becomes the sole owner and controller of the NFTdomain minted.

NFT domains will be a key component of Web 3.0, which opens new opportunities for developers to look at decentralized spaces. NFT domain ownership has many advantages that continue to increase.

Quik.com’s Plans

Quik.com’s NFT domains offer users all options to discover decentralized spaces, including the possibility of changing crypto wallet addresses and hosting user-friendly websites.

By removing the complexity of non-human readable algorithms and decentralized features, Quik.com’s new version focuses on making things more easily accessible, user-oriented, and simple to have a better outlook and knowledge of NFT domains.

Many users get lost in the details of decentralization. They stop thinking ahead and explore the possibility. Technology giants, even the most technical of them, are still unfamiliar with this concept. Quik.com aims to help people connect with decentralized technology, web 3.0 and explore new avenues of creativity alongside tech giants.

It was difficult to be competitive with tech titans using the centralized internet 2.0. But Quik.com allows users to take their own decentralized journey and explore the world.

Crypto wallet addresses will replace traditional wallets in the near future. Leveraging NFT domains makes it even easier to exchange. By replacing random algorithms by simple and human-readable crypto wallet addresses, you can make your transactions more efficient.

Quik.com is a portal for all, since the P2P marketplace offers an individualized experience that allows users to not only create crypto wallet addresses, but also build decentralized websites. This allows them to express their creativity openly, without fear, and with no third party intervention.

Ghost is a better choice than going ghost. You can even decentralize your hosts! – Quik.com

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Quik.com’s Founder – Sahil Kohli

Quik.com on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/quik-com/

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Quik.com’s Twitter : https://twitter.com/quikdotcom

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