Mozverse Announces Partnership With Music Icons Scott Storch and Jadakiss to Bring Virtual Live Entertainment Experiences to the World

MIAMI, Dec. 22, 2022 (Hexa PR Wire) — Mozverse launches LiveStadium, allowing people to be fully immersed in any concert or performance, with hyper-fidelity audio and video, from the comfort of their own home. This means that they can not only see and hear the performance as if they were there but also feel as if they are part of the audience. In addition to providing a better digital experience for users, this will allow artists and performers a new way to connect with their fans. There are no boundaries, users can attend performances from anywhere in the world. According to Goldman Sachs, global music revenue is expected to reach $131 billion by 2030.

Mozverse Partners With Music Icons Scott Storch and Jadakiss to Bring Virtual Live Entertainment Experiences to the World

Mozverse is led by co-founder/CEO Danny Mozlin and co-founder/Chief Evangelist Zach Hirsch. They are partnering with iconic producer Scott Storch and legendary rapper Jadakiss to help artists, big and small, reach broader global audiences. 

Super producer Scott Storch seemed extremely excited about his partnership with Mozverse when he said, “I’ve been approached by so many Web3 and Metaverse projects and I chose Mozverse because I only want to work with the best.”

Amazingly, in the last year, Mozverse has already been named a winner of the Inc. 2022 Best in Business Award for Blockchain. The Best in Business Awards honors companies that have made an extraordinary impact in their fields and society. 

Zach Hirsch, co-founder, and Chief Evangelist said, “I have been lucky enough to be on stage or backstage at the biggest shows and music festivals and to be on the sidelines at the biggest games. I want to give every kid, and everyone for that matter, the same experience. I want them to feel every beat and every hit and to be able to reach out and really interact with the biggest stars like I’ve been able to. That’s the experience I want to share but in a hyper-real environment with the most realistic avatars and a few things nobody’s done to date.”

Not only is Mozverse at the forefront of highly immersive live entertainment, but they seek to be the AWS for Web3. They provide clients with a complete tech ecosystem to build their unique brand experience in the metaverse. They are collaborating with various athletes, artists, and creators, including Tyreek Hill, Jadakiss, and Big Mike, the Co-host of Impaulsive, who all jumped in to help promote their Ultranode product launch coming out this month.  

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About Mozverse

They aim to democratize the metaverse by “providing a virtual platform that’s compatible with more hardware and not limited to users with high-performance desktops.” Mozverse’s Ultranode technology is a performance and scalability accelerator designed for the Web3 development platform and the reason for its leading node response times.

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