Multichain Bitcoin․com Wallet Now Supports Avalanche (AVAX) – Press release Bitcoin News

Bitcoin.comAvalanche smart contract platform has been added to the self-custodial web3 account. Avalanche was added to the multichain Wallet means the wallet’s millions of users are now able to buy, sell, send, receive, and manage $AVAX. The Avalanche network will allow users to trade tokens and interact with hundreds of decentralized apps (DApps), which are hosted on an Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible network. This allows for use cases such as borrowing, lending and prediction markets.

“The potential of decentralized finance to create economic freedom is vast, but to realize that potential, we need to democratize access. And for that, it’s essential that we provide a low-fee environment,” said CEO Dennis Jarvis. “The Avalanche network is fast and cheap while also offering a high level of decentralization, which is critical for security and censorship resistance. Importantly, Avalanche has also attracted a huge range of high-quality DApps, which increases its utility for our millions of users.”’s support for Avalanche is also motivated by the development of its ecosystem token $VERSE, which will require a low-fee smart contract platform to enable the small, frequent transactions associated with the token’s utility and rewards functions. Verse will be launched on Ethereum, but it can also be connected to Avalanche.

In May, $33.6 Million was purchased by strategic investors in a private sale for $VERSE tokens. The public sale registrations are currently underway



Avalanche, the fastest blockchain platform for smart contracts, is measured in time-to-finality. It also has the highest number of validators to verify its activity, which makes it the best proof-of-stake protocols. Avalanche runs at lightning speed and is low-cost. It’s also green. Avalanche is a smart contract that can enable any application to perform better than its competitors. Don’t believe it? Get Avalanche now. was founded in 2015 and has become a worldwide leader in welcoming newcomers into crypto. We make it simple for everyone to purchase, trade, invest in, earn and keep up-to date on the latest financial news and cryptocurrency.

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