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PRICE RELEASE As dynamic, fickle, and innovative as the crypto industry is, it’s also exciting and innovating. It is important to understand market trends and stay on top of changes if you want to move forward and attain new heights.

KICK.IO plans big for the next year. One in particular will bring about significant changes for users and platform.

Cross-chain bridges: The dawn of the cross-chain

The blockchain technology is a trusted method to transfer virtual assets. Now, the technology’s reach is even greater. Instead of keeping within the limits of one blockchain – cross-chain bridges will help move away from segregation and tribalism to blockchain interoperability.

And KICK.IO is not far behind – it is expanding beyond Cardano. They believe that cross-chain solutions will be the future. Cardano is KICK.IO’s home, and the goal is to stay Cardano-centric. The road ahead will include introducing KICK.IO into other blockchains.

One of the critical missions is to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to launch projects, vote, and participate in KICK.IO’s soon-to-be-upgraded project endorsement system. That’s why KICK.IO will start operating on different blockchains.

KICK.IO can now operate on different blockchains to make it a better and more diverse platform. It’ll also help accommodate changing needs and improve existing communication and transfer processes between blockchains. And cross-chain bridges aren’t the only novelty feature KICK.IO will incorporate – there’s quite a bit more to look forward to in the upcoming year.

Update to the website and new endorsement system for 2022 Q2

Three main themes will guide the team this quarter.

  • UX/UI Updates
  • A new 5 Tier endorsement system
  • KICK tokens listed on a central exchange

It will fix navigational problems and reflect the new website’s focus.

KICK.IO is currently the only platform that doesn’t limit its users and gives everyone an equal opportunity to buy into projects regardless of their monetary contribution. This is further strengthened with the addition of 5 Tier endorsements. The current rewards rate of 5% will be replaced by 7.5%. Users can expect to receive 30% more regardless of their tier.

Finally, trading will be significantly improved by the KICK tokenCEX listing process. Trading tokens can now be traded right here on KICK.IO.

KICK.IO builds cross-chain Bridges in 2022 Q3

Quarter three will prove to be crucial for the team. KICK.IO will launch cross-chain support. This includes ERC20 and BSC. It’s an important step forwards as this will help create a more cohesive ecosystem and open up new opportunities.

Swap integration is another important feature that the team intends to introduce. The team is working to create KICK.IO as a unified platform by introducing swap integration. This will simplify the process while saving time.

2022 Q4 – platform decentralization

KICK.IO is all about setting high standards and moving forward. It will be decentralized and offer wallet support.

The team will also be working on the implementation of the voting system. The voting system will enable users to make a greater impact on KICK.IO by voting for which projects they want included.

Cardano Light DEX implementation in 2023 Q1

This is the last stage of the existing roadmap. It includes changes to Cardano’s blockchain. The launch of the light version decentralized trading will allow people to trade tokens.


KICK.IO has big plans for this year – the team is passionate about the technological advancement that benefits everyone. KICK.IO will now be available on other blockchains. This is a huge step in the right direction. Stay tuned for more information!


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