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NFTs, video games and the Metaverse. Binance NFT is the most prominent centralized NFT marketplace for gaming. Check out the achievements of the team and the progress Binance NFT has made in building the Gaming Metaverse.

The main takeaways

  • Since June, Binance NFT has become the world’s largest centralized NFT gaming marketplace, successfully on-boarding over 60 gaming projects and selling over 1 million gaming NFTs.
  • Binance NFT recently launched its first ever Initial Game Offering (IGO). This is part of their vision to create a gaming home, and most importantly, move into the future.
  • These are the most popular NFT drops available on the market. The Binance NFT Experience is more than buying, trading, and selling.

Cyberspace transcending reality: video games, NFTs and 3D worlds are all part of a digital economy that is unified within one space. From virtual reality goggles and virtual worlds, the Metaverse is a hot topic in Big Tech. Despite recent advances, the Metaverse is still a popular topic in Big Tech. NFTs and gaming have been intertwined since the beginning.

Binance NFT launched the NFT Marketplace in June 2021. It has been a great platform not only for artists, but also for top game developers. Every month, Binance NFT welcomes new projects to an overwhelmingly positive response. In response to users’ positive feedback, Binance NFT launched its first IGO (Initial Game Offering) in order to establish a platform for NFT gaming. This is a major step towards the Gaming Metaverse.

Our IGO Gallery contains the latest NFT gaming collections.

The Gaming Metaverse Takes a Step Ahead with IGO

Binance NFT’s Initial Game Offering (IGO) provides a direct link between top gaming projects and a passionate crypto community. The IGO Drops have all sold well since their launch. Many projects reached over 10,000,000 in trading volume within 3 days. The team also collaborated with Binance Labs, Binance Smart Chain(BSC) fund and over ten guilds. They also worked closely with 30 venture capitalists and gaming funding funds, and more than 100 influencers in order to bring new players into NFT gaming. IF you’re interested in learning more about IGOs, you can read the launch announcement.

Why Gamers Choose Binance NFT: The World’s Largest and Fastest Centralized Gaming NFT Platform

  • World’s largest gaming NFT trading platformOver 1 million NFTs are available for gaming, and 60 NFT drops can be found. The trading volume is $130 million.
  • This is the fastest growing IGO platform IGO drop alone generated more than $40 million in monthly trading volume.
  • NFT resales offer high returnsThe most costly gaming NFT was sold for $1,937 600 (4,000 BNB)
  • Outstanding IGO performanceDrops of up to $8 Million in trading volume were achieved in less than 24 hours.

A Marketplace is not enough

Binance NFT was founded with bigger goals than simply creating another NFT marketplace. Although some of the most popular NFT drops are featured, Binance NFT is more than just buying, trading, and selling. It’s an immersive experience where everyone can come together under one digital space, from traders and collectors to gamers and creators alike. These are just a few of the many things that the Binance NFT team does:

Gaming is now possible with a single, comprehensive shop

It is overwhelming to explore the gaming world. How do you begin? Binance NFT is where you can find all of the most popular gaming tokens and projects. It also offers a platform that allows users to sell, buy and get more information about NFTs.

Receive regular updates

Binance NFT is committed to improving user experiences. Monthly updates highlight new features that increase interaction and exposure for creators and collectors like creator/collection profiles, daily handpicked suggestions, ranking boards, and daily recommendations.

NFT Virtual World Coming Soon

Keep checking back, as the team works on an immersive virtual NFT gallery that will allow users to explore and experience curated NFT artwork in a digital environment.


In their ongoing mission to bring the metaverse together, the team will be welcoming new projects and connecting users to the larger metaverse experience. And, finally, they will work to create the pathways to an interconnected Gaming Metaverse. It is eager to hear what game developers have in store for the future. Binance NFT is excited to see IGOs as a first step in the Gaming Metaverse vision. Binance NFT will continue working with gaming partners, developers, and users in the future.

View our IGO Gallery here. Read the following article to learn more about IGOs.


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