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Why is Giant Bitfury Building building a music service based on the Blockchain?

Soon, Bitfury’s platform based on the blockchain will be dedicated to music

Blockchain and music

Blockchain apps are being developed in the sports and videogames fields, now it’s the turn of music apps.

A pioneer of blockchain music was the Choon project, already active and in streaming, is a project that relies on the internationally renowned DJ, Gareth Emery.

The Bitfury group

Founded in 2011 and based in London, Bitfury deals with the sale of components used to extract cryptocurrencies.

The London company’s offices are scattered around the world, in Washington D.C., London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Dubai and Moscow

Bitfury BlockBox, a mining farm in a container

BlockBox AC is a very powerful plug-and-play mining module, it greatly reduces the bitcoin extraction time compared to other industrial scale solutions.

A BlockBox AC includes 176 air-cooled servers, for a hashrate of 14 PH/s, for logistical and practical reasons, each module is enclosed in a standard 40-foot container.

It’s a plug and play module, aimed at companies that have a considerable electricity supply and a very fast internet network.

Bitfury Surround, on the notes of the blockchain

Last year, the Bitfury group managed to raise as many as 80 million dollars from investors. Among them the bank of the well-known billionaire, Mike Novogratz.

Did you know that thanks to this collection of investments, Billfury’s valuation has raised to a billion dollars?

Bitfury Surround will be the name of the Bitfury Group branch which will focus on music, the blockchain platform will be called SurroundTM

With SurroundTM, you will be able to safely share and transfer your music files, and the copyright will be safe thanks to the typical decentralization of the blockchain.

The music industry, like that of videogames, is one of the most affected by piracy, and the violation of intellectual property rights.

Platforms like SurroundPM will create a digital system useful for exchanging and selling music files, providing advanced data management functions that are fully transparent and reliable.

The SurroundTM music platform is already under development. It will run on the Bitcoin blockchain

The words of the managing director of Bitfury Surround, Stefan Schulz to Reuters, clearly explain the situation:

“The current platform is being assembled and developed as we speak, many parts are already completed, even if it will not be fully complete for some more time“

Bitfury Surround will be based in Europe, and operations will take place in Berlin and Amsterdam. Other offices are also planned in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Moscow and Seoul.

This move of the company is dictated by the increase in mining costs, in fact, in the last year, the costs of managing mining farms are barely covered by the fall in value of bitcoins.

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