OKEx Announces Updates on Perpetual Swap Trading

New steps for OKEX

OKEx, a Malta-based world-leading digital asset exchange recently announced two updates on its Perpetual Swap Trading. These two updates are the launch of TRON (TRX) Perpetual Swap on OKEx.com and OKEx app, and the increase of ETH and EOS Perpetual Swap available leverage level, so as to enhance users’ trading experience.

OKEx offers comprehensive digital assets trading services including token trading, futures trading, perpetual swap trading and index tracker to global traders with blockchain technology. It is a world-leading digital asset exchange which is headquartered in Malta. The platform provides a stable, safe and reliable, environment for digital asset trading, serving millions of customers from over 200 countries and regions. At the moment the exchange offers over 400 token and futures trading pairs enabling users to optimize their strategies.

OKEx has launched TRON (TRX) Perpetual Swap and in addition to this, the new TRX perpetual swap offers a contract face value of US$10, the minimum price interval being set at US$0.00001. Further similar swaps are expected to be launched in the near future to continue with this success. The perpetual swap features a leverage of 1-20x.

However, users should understand the risk involved when trading TRX swaps as Tron (TRX) is more volatile comparing to other digital assets. If airdrops or TRX Hard-forks happen, this will affect the subject and the index price of the swap. OKEx will then evaluate the situation and decide whether any adjustments on the swap are necessary (e.g. maintenance margin ratio, funding fee, etc.). They also reserve the right to early deliver/settle the TRX perpetual swap when deemed necessary.

OKEx Increased ETH and EOS Perpetual Swap Available Leverage Level and with the new adjustment on the leverage level, traders can now choose up to 100x leverage on ETH and EOS Perpetual Swap. OKEx is the first mainstream exchange platform that offers such high leverage.

High leverage level can significantly increase the risk of being force-liquidated although it can greatly increase profits, as well. Traders are encouraged and take into consideration according to experience, objectives before placing orders to fully understand the risk involved.

Contracts will be settled and funding will occur every 12 hours, at 03:00 and 15:00 daily (CET, UTC+1). The funding mechanism adopted aims to keep the Perpetual Swap market price in line with the Spot Index Price, which is constructed from the weighted average of the market prices of OKEx, Binance and Huobi.

Funding rate = Clamp (MA ((contracts best buy price + contracts best sell price) / 2-spot index price / spot index price – interest), -0.2%, 0.2%)

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