Est Africa fintech summit

Est Africa fintech summit

Among the techno-finance conferences of the end of 2018, East Africa fintech summit was among the most interesting

As we have already mentioned in a previous article regarding the 10 crypto events which you will see in 2019, the fintech and blockchain conferences around the world were numerous


AFTS, a stage for the new blockchain finance

The East Africa fintech summit (AFTS) takes place every April in Washington DC, coinciding with the spring meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary fund

Furthermore, every November, AFTS moves to a different African city, last November 2018 it took place in the city of Lagos in Nigeria

AFTS, three events dedicated to fintech in Africa

You should know that, unlike other fintech events, AFTS is divided into three events: AFRICAFINTECHDC, AFRICAFINTECHLAGOS, and ALPHAEXPOLAGOS


The brief presentation on the Africafintechsdc cites:

Fintech is destroying the banking and financial fields, and even money as we all know it

It’s a global phenomenon, in Africa more than elsewhere, the impact of the new tecnofinance has the potential to be socially and economically disruptive on old economies

The opportunities of innovation and investment abound in this new sector of the world economy

The Africa Fintech summit will bring together disrupters, technology and finance professionals, regulators and investors from Africa and United States, to discuss the technologies that are revolutionizing finance

Among the guests of Africafintechdc we can mention:

Tayo Oviosu founder and CEO of PAGA, Mike Quinn CEO of Zoona, Ekechi Nwokah CEO of, Stephen Hollingshead CEO of ChangeinEX, Katherine A. Foster Blockchain Specialist from World Bank Group and Advisor of FinTech4Good


The presenstation on the homepage regarding the summit held in Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria has Africa in the Fintech world as its theme

The rapid rise of FIntech across Africa is transforming lives and economies, sparking innovation and promoting a surge in financial inclusion

After our acclaimed summit in Washington, DC in April 2018, the second part of the Africa Fintech Summit (AFTS) has arrived in Nigeria on November 8 2018

Fintech leaders from all over Africa, and investors from all over the world, gathered in Lagos

Pulsing Nigerian commercial capital, to discuss policies, compare best practices, forge businesses, and witness the entrepreneurial spirit of Africa

Many entrepreneurs and technofinance, blockchain and cryptocurrency experts took part in the East Africa fintech summit:

Olanrewaju Osibona consultant of the Nigerian president on ICT, Uzoma Dozie CEO of Diamond Bank, Kola Aina CEO and founder of Ventures Platform, and many others


Held on November 8 2018, this expo was a showcase for many startups related to the Nigerian techno-finance, and more

At the Alpha Expo, 10 startups in the beginning phase were presented, with their platforms and technologies, to investors from all over the world

We have already talked about the new frontiers of blockchain in Africa in this article

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