æternity Launches Charitable Foundations in Liechtenstein and Bulgaria

Foundations will develop substantial potential

 æternity has announced the launch of two foundations, in Liechtenstein and Bulgaria.  These foundations will provide grants and educational support to innovative blockchain projects. They also aim to boost the vibrant blockchain ecosystem by offering financial assistance to leading development and research efforts in blockchain technology, cryptography, and mathematics.

The æternity Crypto Foundation is based in Liechtenstein  and will provide grants up to one million CHF.  The Foundation also aims to further vitalize the overall blockchain ecosystem, making way for innovative ideas for decentralized applications, as well as promoting art and culture initiatives in the space.

æternity Crypto Foundation Board Member, Peter Schnürer, said:

“The Foundation will offer research support, the driving force behind advancements in the industry. It will also  assist smart, unconventional thinkers as they explore this technology. We encourage all blockchain innovators to submit an application. It will also help startups expand the potential of their creative work in a collaborative, dynamic environment. We are committed to driving blockchain innovation by supporting a broad spectrum of the blockchain ecosystem and look forward to a variety of applications from disruptive projects in the space.”

aeternity to work with Universities and other institutions

In the meantime, the æternity Foundation Bulgaria will work to form partnerships with universities and other educational institutions in Bulgaria and in the Balkan region. The Foundation will offer scholarships to provide opportunities to secure a recognized qualification related to the technology and embark on careers in the future.

CBDO of æternity and Chairman of the Board at æternity Foundation Bulgaria, Nikola Stojanow, said:

“With the disconnect that exists between emerging technology and mainstream society, it’s important to bridge this gap to spread the benefits of blockchain technology as widely as possible. There’s a significant amount of untapped potential in the Balkans, and the launch of the æternity Foundation Bulgaria will help to put the region on the blockchain map. I look forward to fostering the potential of these extraordinary talents by tapping into the knowledge of researchers from the area’s leading institutions.”

Yanislav Malahov, Founder of æternity, added: “Through the creation of these two foundations, æternity takes a significant step toward establishing a support structure for the global blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain is a technology with such unlimited potential that has yet to be tapped. By partnering with universities and other institutions and offering grants, we will provide the necessary infrastructure for people. These will develop significant ideas and unlock blockchain’s ability to solve long-standing problems across a variety of industries.”




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