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Pwc collaborates with Bitfury to create blockchain acceleration in Russia

The consulting firm Pwc (PricewaterhouseCooper) will create, together with the blockchain company Bitfury Group, a series of new blockchain products

Pwc and services to companies

You have to know that Pwc as a company service company is second only to the giant Deloitte, with a turnover of 41 billion dollars in the last year.

It provides companies all over the world with guaranteed strategic, tax, legal advice and audit services.

Pwc and Exonum

The PricewaterhouseCooper isn’t new to the blockchain technology, it has in fact already used Bitfury’s open source framework, called Exonum, for seminars and courses.

Exonum uses the Rust language, which allows very high levels of security and performance

The study just concluded by the Pwc on the blockchain technology in the energy sector, has highlighted its enormous potential.

The “block chain” could in fact revolutionize the entire global energy sector,
thanks to automated business processes, reduction of personnel costs, and infrastructure.

Bitfury Group

The Bitfury company sells components used by miners to extract cryptocurrency, is based in London and was founded in 2011, it also has offices in many countries in the world.

It’s known by mining farms for its famous BlockBox, a standard 40-foot container with 176 servers inside it, with a 14 PH/s hashrate.

Last year they inaugurated Bitfury Surround, which with its blockchain platform called SurroundTM, allows you to share music on the web.

Pwc and Bitfury, a winning combination

The announcements of the two companies clarify what is to be expected from this partnership:

Viktor Nelin, PwC IT Consulting Services Manager:

“PwC, one of the leading consulting services of the Russian Federation,
is confident that the blockchain technology will enable the creation of services for internal business use, expanding the functionality of current products and fundamentally new business models for the mass segment.

We will combine our efforts with those of Bitfury, to develop blockchain solutions for corporate customers who already use the Exonum platform, we will also provide new products and solutions to companies in various fields. “

Dmitry Ufaev head of Bitfury in Russia:

“Our mission is to make the blockchain technology as widely available possible, and we’re happy to work on this together with one of the leading consulting firms.

A partnership of this level shows that technology will develop enormously in the coming years.

The blockchain solutions will be implemented in various fields of economy and business.

Bitfury has an undeniable technological advantage in the development of blockchain platforms, for the corporate field in the territory of the Russian Federation.

We are confident that our joint experience with PwC will strengthen the blockchain market and open new development prospects.“.

Blockchain acceleration, PwC’s short term projects

Last November PwC had already launched another “blockchain accelerator”, collaborating with the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in Moscow.

The Russian University has in fact committed itself to carry out blockchain courses, and new educational courses in IT.

This company, based in London, will launch its blockchain accelerator to deepen the knowledge of blockchain of 1000 of its employees.

That study curriculum will be biennial, and it started in January 2019.

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