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What do Blockchain Developer?

Among the many innovative aspects of the Blockchain technology, there is also the one regarding new job opportunities.

Cryptocurrenceis and the decentralized economy have generated new professional figures who are beginning to be in demand on the labor market.

According to a research from Upwork dating back to 2018, the Blockchain is among the fastest growing sectors in the search for new talent: over 5,000 announcements related to the field appear on just Upwork itself.

Among the most requested professions in the Blockchain field, the first one worth analyzing is that of the Blockchain Developer.

What do Blockchain Developers focus on?

Blockchain Developers are experts in software programming applied to the Blockchain technology.
They deal with the entire life cycle of Blockchain (dapp) applications: from research to analysis, from design to execution.

As you can imagine, to do this work you need to use programming languages useful to create interfaces, new functionalities and architectures for different purposes, for example payment platforms.

If the idea of becoming a Blockchain Developer intrigues you, you must know that you must have a good knowledge of at least Python and C++.

Counting on previous experience in web development could also help you, as well as changing without problems between HTML, CSS, NodeJS and MongoDB.

To these “basic” computer skills, you have to add knowledge in the field of network security.

We cannot forget that, among the founding values of the Blockchain, in addition to decentralization, transparency and immutability, there’s also security.

Making sure that software on which the technology is based are “impenetrable” from hacker attacks. It should be one of the cornerstones of the Blockchain Developer’s work.

How to become a Blockchain Developer?

Anyone who wants to jump into this profession shouldn’t only purely rely on computer skills: being able to do programming is not enough.

It’s unthinkable to be able to plan and work effectively for the Blockchain technology without ever having experienced it directly.

The best Blockchain Developers are familiar with smart contract, they fully know the process and the values behind this technology, and above all, they all follow a path of continuous training.

The Reddit forums, the GitHub and StackExchange pages are a space of discussion and inexhaustible sources of information on the latest trends in Blockchain technology: a gold mine for those who want to make their way in a field that over time will become more and more competitive.

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