EOS: A decentralized currency?

What is EOS?

EOS or Extensible Operating System is a scalable network operating system (OS) and this offers a high availability, streamlines the maintenance processes and also the enhances network security.

EOS is a cryptocurrency which is similar to Ethereum and also similar to NEO.  It enables developers to create blockchain-based applications.  EOS is one of the cryptocurrencies that can boast of its high speed and capability to reach far and wide and it is so popular that is has now become one of the top currencies globally.

It was launched in 2017 and is fast set to become one of the world’s most used cryptocurrencies worldwide.

At the same time it allows developers to create blockchain applications where the users can very easily interact and this is what makes it one of the most user-friendly cryptocurrencies on the market.

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EOS decentralized blockchain

EOS Blockchain is fast becoming a decentralised operating system which is able to support industrial-scale decentralised applications.  This means that they are planning to completely eradicate transaction fees.  This would be a much welcomed process as transaction fees are always seen as an added fee. The EO coin is a utility coin which is designed to be used all across the Expert Opinion’s platforms.  Major benefits are offered to the holders of the token and these benefits include 50% lower commission on transactions on EO Finance and EO Trade.

EOS is an understandable business system which integrates a holistic business model with a full set of simple business tools.  Its business process which has been proved throughout the years as a business process meant to align and synchronize all the bits and pieces of a business in order to be able to produce the desired results.

EOS is a consensus Blockchain operating system that provides scheduling, account permissions, databases, authentication and internet-application communication to app developers.  It is a viable alternative to the Ethereum network and provides developers with all the tools which they need to operate, without having to worry about advanced cryptography implementations or communication within the blockchain.

Ethereum is part of the Blockchain technology which enables investors to buy and sell Ethereum.  Ethereum is similar to Bitcoin in that it is a distributed public blockchain network.   The main difference between them is that their purpose differs and so does their capability.   Bitcoin works on a peer to peer system that allows Bitcoin payments while Ethereum focuses more on running the program code.

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