IOST Opens Node Applications, Introduces Voting System, and Launches Final Testnet

Major achievement for IOST

On 20th December, 2018 in San Francisco, the $40M VC-backed IOST announced their node election process while releasing their final testnet (mainnet in Q1 2019): two big milestones in a bear market. Backed by Sequoia China and listed on 10+ major exchanges, IOST wants to execute the best blockchain — replacing ETH with better speed and scale. They’ve designed major improvements to DPoS while avoiding the power consolidation that effectively ruined EOS. By aligning incentives so that voters are motivated to choose legitimate candidates, IOST has the potential to emerge as one of the true challengers to ETH in 2019.

Terry Wang, CTO of IOST said, “To increase the number of nodes and speed of the IOST network, we’re inviting organizations and individuals to apply to be Servi Node candidates.  projects like EOS have suffered because a small number of ‘super nodes’ control the network. We’ve designed a unique voting system that combats the centralization of power, where the rich get richer. The election of our nodes is based on our proprietary Proof of Believability (PoB) mechanism. This means hundreds of different nodes may be selected to participate in the committee every day. This results in a highly decentralized version of DPoS. Instead of a fixed, small number of ‘super nodes’ who control the network, hundreds, if not thousands of different nodes on the IOST network will be producing and validating blocks. The system becomes even more dynamic as a result of voting changes.” 

A host of interesting features

Key features of the system include that the committee rotates once every 10 minutes in the IOST network. Due to the Servi clearing mechanism, hundreds of different nodes may be selected to participate in the committee every day. While this design ensures decentralization of the block production process and fairness throughout the network, it does not compromise the benefits of a DPoS system that enables high scalability and throughput speeds. This next generation consensus mechanism solves the biggest challenges of current blockchain systems with regards to centralization and power consumption.

Benefits of becoming a node candidate include Servi node rewards. Servi nodes get a share of the yearly IOST reward pool. Invitation rewards. After becoming a candidate, you may get 30% of fees incurred by the users you invite into the network. This includes account creation, iRAM, and iGAS.  Estimated cost of running a node is around $10K USD per year.

ARYZE has announced its partnership with AmaZix

ARYZE, the creator of the Danish stablecoin eKroner has announced its partnership with AmaZix, the community engagement platform.  This will bring stablecoins – the new generation of crypto – into the mainstream and will help improve and maintain ARYZE’s community channels. As it continues to make ground-breaking progress in the digital currencies market. It will also reduce the unpredictability that usually surrounds crypto investments.

AmaZix has helped over 100 crypto projects raise a total of $1.1 billion and the company has grown from six to 120 staff in 20 countries around the world in just over a year. It also offers strategic advice on whitepapers and rewards programs. It serves a unique need for crypto startups. AmaZix ensuring that community channels and forums such as Telegram, Bitcoin Talk and Reddit are monitored 24/7, and questions are always answered promptly.

It also acts as the first line of defense against fraudulent activity. AmaZix helping to prevent the loss of money to criminals and scammers through impersonation and cloned social channels or websites.

ARYZE presents its collaboration with AmaZix

The aim of ARYZE is to bridge the distance between conventional fiat money and digital cryptocurrencies.  ARYZE issues fully redeemable stablecoins and uses and proves their reliability which helps to reduce the cryptocurrency sector’s volatility by ensuring that they are supported by a steady currency.

This amalgamation of both companies will help to bring stablecoins into the mainstream market and help to increase communities’ confidence in the crypto stablecoin market. It reduce the unpredictability that usually surrounds crypto investments.

CEO at ARYZE, Jack Nikogosian, said: “For users, we create a unique, modular and customizable paying experience that reduces transaction costs to next to zero worldwide. For businesses, we create large saving opportunities by utilizing this new technology on a digital platform, with a variety of analytical tools. This is all made possible by our programmable, stable currencies. We aim to be honest and transparable in everything we do and our major goal is to help the United Nations with their Sustainable Development Goal number 10 of reducing the transaction cost on remittance payments. ”

Kenneth Berthelsen, CMO at AmaZix, said: “To achieve this future, crypto must be an easily usable product for typical people and businesses, allowing users to seamlessly interact between the old and new worlds of finance. We believe this is precisely what ARYZE will work towards.”




come diventare blockchain developer

What do Blockchain Developer?

Among the many innovative aspects of the Blockchain technology, there is also the one regarding new job opportunities.

Cryptocurrenceis and the decentralized economy have generated new professional figures who are beginning to be in demand on the labor market.

According to a research from Upwork dating back to 2018, the Blockchain is among the fastest growing sectors in the search for new talent: over 5,000 announcements related to the field appear on just Upwork itself.

Among the most requested professions in the Blockchain field, the first one worth analyzing is that of the Blockchain Developer.

What do Blockchain Developers focus on?

Blockchain Developers are experts in software programming applied to the Blockchain technology.
They deal with the entire life cycle of Blockchain (dapp) applications: from research to analysis, from design to execution.

As you can imagine, to do this work you need to use programming languages useful to create interfaces, new functionalities and architectures for different purposes, for example payment platforms.

If the idea of becoming a Blockchain Developer intrigues you, you must know that you must have a good knowledge of at least Python and C++.

Counting on previous experience in web development could also help you, as well as changing without problems between HTML, CSS, NodeJS and MongoDB.

To these “basic” computer skills, you have to add knowledge in the field of network security.

We cannot forget that, among the founding values of the Blockchain, in addition to decentralization, transparency and immutability, there’s also security.

Making sure that software on which the technology is based are “impenetrable” from hacker attacks. It should be one of the cornerstones of the Blockchain Developer’s work.

How to become a Blockchain Developer?

Anyone who wants to jump into this profession shouldn’t only purely rely on computer skills: being able to do programming is not enough.

It’s unthinkable to be able to plan and work effectively for the Blockchain technology without ever having experienced it directly.

The best Blockchain Developers are familiar with smart contract, they fully know the process and the values behind this technology, and above all, they all follow a path of continuous training.

The Reddit forums, the GitHub and StackExchange pages are a space of discussion and inexhaustible sources of information on the latest trends in Blockchain technology: a gold mine for those who want to make their way in a field that over time will become more and more competitive.

Bitsdaq Launching Asian Digital Asset Trading Platform Powered by Bittrex

An interesting partnership

On January 15th, 2019 in Singapore, Bitsdaq launched an Asian Digital Asset Trading Platform powered by Bittrex.  This will provide customers in Asia a reliable and robust exchange with a secure, advanced and reliable platform and extensive selection of digital tokens. The aim of this platform is to reach cryptocurrency cusomers across the Asia region.  Customers can pre-register for an account on Bitsdaq’s website.

Bittrex was founded in 2014 and provides real-time trade execution, dependable digital wallets and industry-leading security practices.  It was founded by three cybersecurity engineers and it is a U.S.-based digital asset trading platform.  The company aids the blockchain industry by incubating new and emerging technology, fostering innovation and by driving transformative change.

The partnership between Bitsdaq and Bittrex will give customers in Asia access to a large selection of digital assets thus increasing the adoption of blockchain technology globally.  This includes the assets available on both Bittrex and Bittrex International platforms.  The partnership combines the vision and expertise of Bitsdaq’s innovative team based in Asia and Bittrex’s global leadership in the blockchain industry.  This will give them deep insight into the local markets.

Looking forward to new markets

Ricky Ng, Bitsdaq’s Chairman and CEO said, “We are honoured to bring Bittrex’s extensive cryptocurrency options to the Asia market. It takes a unique combination of advanced technology and financial expertise to launch an efficient, reliable and secure platform for trading digital assets in Asia. We found the ideal partner to help provide a safe environment for our customers and the entire community.”

The Bitsdaq platform provides solutions and opportunities for customers who would like a larger choice of digital assets on a reliable and secure platform.  It is a secure platform operating in Pan Asia and it is built on Bittrex’s cutting edge trading technology.  To ensure that it works smoothly for international customers after landed, the new platform will undergo a multi-week evaluation period.

Operating in the Asia region

It will be giving users one of the best trading platforms in the Asian region and the potential to access global markets and it will also oversee management of the new trading platform.  It will provide customer support and look after customer operations and compliance as well as offer marketing, customized development and sales.

Bill Shihara, Bittrex CEO said that Bitsdaq will utilize the best practice KYC and AML processes.  He stated that, “Bittrex is powering the blockchain revolution through strategic global partnerships that are using our proprietary technology to launch advanced, secure and reliable digital asset trading platforms in multiple countries. Through this partnership, Bitsdaq customers will have access to a dependable, cutting-edge trading platform with an extensive selection of digital tokens, and Bittrex will continue to fulfill our mission of promoting adoption of blockchain technology around the world.”

The company, Bittrex International operates within the regulatory framework established by the European Union and Maltese Government, including the Malta Virtual Financial Assets Act.  It is a secure, reliable and advanced digital asset platform built on Bittrex’s cutting-edge trading technology.  The company will apply to the Malta Financial Services Authority to become a regulated Virtual Financial Asset exchange. It’s mission is to be the driving force in the blockchain revolution.  This will help to increase adoption of this innovative technology globally.




What is Komodo?

Monaize as a strategic partner

The first platform to use the KMD cryptocurrency will be Monaize, the 100% mobile e-banking platform. The first ICO will be launched by the end of this year.

The roadmap between the two partners will be very similar to that of Ethereum, the development of the platform, mobile wallets, the development of dApps and a new type of interface.

Cryptocurrency exchange via Atomic Swap

Komodo will use this new type of exchange between different currencies (cross-chain)

You have to know that Atomic Swaps allow you to exchange two virtual coins with the blockchain, without the use of exchanges

It’s a fast cryptocurrency exchange, without commissions, and above all it’s safe thanks to the use of HTLCs (Hash time-locked contracts )

Komodo and the dPOW protocol

Komodo’s platform has as its first objective to ensure transactions between individuals which will be transparent, and will guarantee privacy.

Security is guaranteed by the Bitcoin blockchain through the “delayed” dPOW (Delayed Proof of Work) protocol.

For the first time, Komodo will allow to issue then distribute native cryptocurrencies without a trusted third party

It will also be possible to mine currency with few hardware resources.

The Zcash team and Komodo

You have to know that the Komodo platform is based on the one developed by the Zcash team, it in fact has implemented the Zero Knowledge Proofs technology.

ZKP is a technology that allows 100% transparent and private blockchain transactions, in fact no one can know who is the sender, the recipient and the amount of the transaction.

Miners can still verify the correctness and the uniqueness of every single transaction, KMD is therefore a cryptocurrency that protects privacy, and at the same time it’s usable by anyone.

KOMODO features

the Komodo platform is of the dICO type, it differs from normal ICOs because:

  • It uses Komodo Platform’s Jumblr technology to ensure privacy
  • It does not have high commissions, as each asset chain is an independent blockchain
  • It’s protected by the dPoW protocol
  • All transaction fees are paid with dICO coin

KMC cryptocurrency holders will automatically receive 5% interest each year, up to a limit in the wallet of 200 million tokens

Komodo coin

The KMD coin will rapidly expand thanks to the strategic banking partner, Monaize.

Future entrepreneurs who will invest in the Komodo platform, will receive an entire blockchain package, and they will be able to realize a decentralized crowdfund and act as an independent blockchain.

What are the strengths of Komodo?


The revolutionary dPOW of Komodo provides a great security, creating data backups in your blockchain, annotating them simultaneously in that Bitcoin.

Simplicity and Support

The KMD platform is easy to use, and it also offers support and service for developers or partners.

How can I have a KMD wallet?

It’s really easy, just follow these 3 little steps

  1. Download the latest version of Agama from the website
  2. Double-click on the installer
  3. Follow the instructions
viaggiare in giappone con i

G20 call for crypto taxation

The G20 meeting took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina recently, and this saw the G20 leaders call for the taxation of cryptocurrency.  A final version of regulations for a document jointly delivered by G20 leaders called for “a taxation system for cross-border electronic services”. Is expected to be in place by 2020.  This will be in line with Financial Action Task Force (FATF) standards.

Brent Jaciow, Head of Blockchain Affairs at music data tracking platform, Utopia Music, commented:

This is a huge step in the right direction for the industry. Providing regulatory oversight and a framework for how to think about owning, investing, and the taxation of the asset class allows larger entities to seriously evaluate the space. Without the exact knowledge of the above, these entities would remain on the sidelines. Much like global capital markets, there is nothing large corporations fear more than uncertainty, especially as it relates to legal status and taxation.

The development of international standards to regulate new technologies, such as cryptocurrencies, is a necessary step for the cryptocurrency market to evolve. Without having regulatory oversight and a defined framework for taxation and reporting, there is no way larger entities will enter the space for fear of regulatory backlash. The potential hurdles caused by increased regulation are small in comparison to the benefits of mainstream adoption of distributed ledger technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto taxation

Robertas Višinskis, Founder of Mysterium Network, an open source, not-for-profit foundation focused on security and privacy, and the world’s first decentralised VPN blockchain project, commented:

It is exciting to see that some of the most powerful countries in the world recognise not just the potential benefits of cryptocurrencies and new technologies, but also the importance of having international standards to regulate them.

This will be a challenge given the different ways some of the G20 member states have started to regulate crypto assets. China has tough regulation around cryptocurrencies, but welcomes investment in blockchain, whereas the UK is yet to release any laws or regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies.  However, overall, the G20 calling for the taxation of cryptocurrency is an important step in the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies, and will continue to help the evolution of the market. Regulation will help to filter out bad players in the market, and build trust in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.”



Tron decentralizza il web

Tron Cryptocurrency ‘Just Garbage’

Stellar executive lashes out against Tron

Tron Cryptocurrency  is  ‘just garbage’  according to StellarRippleMt. Gox, and e-Donkey co-founder Jed McCaleb.   Jed McCaleb created Stellar when he moved away from Ripple due to personal differences.  However, he feels that the crypto market is doing well.   He said that it’s “way way up” even if it’s had some turbulence over the course of 2018.

McCaleb stated that it is “wild to watch” the way that capital is invested in crypto projects.  Things will begin to smooth out with a reduction in market capitalizations and token prices.  Considering that Tron has outperformed Ethereum, McCalbe has certainly picked an interesting project to poke at.  However, he offered no explanation why he thinks that Tron is “just garbage”.

In general Stellar has been “poorly” marketed according to McCaleb and he did not think that people knew what it was.  McCaleb stated: “ I don’t think they do. We’ve done a pretty poor job of marketing it and telling the world what Stellar is about. I think they have a vague notion that it’s for payments, but I don’t think they know the details and the real power of it. We’re hoping to change that in 2019, but it’s a process.”

Lack of knowledge hampers investment in crypto

Research has shown that many people have no idea of what Bitcoin or blockchain are all about, let alone Stellar.  The majority of them have no interest in blockchain banking offerings and the market is still very much in developmental stages.  The end of 2018 shows that Bitcoin has been hailed as the worst possible investment choice.  Although Ripple has consistently outperformed Stellar on news of business partnerships and integration with banking systems all over the world, Stellar still remains a top-10 crypto by market capitalization.

When Jed McCaleb and people from Ripple Labs felt that the mission of the company was moving too far away from their vision, they decided to develop Stellar. McCaleb was later faced with a lawsuit for dumping his Ripple.  With an average of 42 transactions an hour, Stellar’s blockchain facilitated 1,024 transactions on December 30th.  Ripple facilitated 396,354 and Tron processed 2,845,490 transactions on the last day available, December 21st, and Bitcoin did 267,463 on the 30th.  2018 has been a year in which Bitcoin has been hailed as the worst possible investment choice.

security token

The security tokens are the next step to regulate the exchange crypto

Cryptocurrency exchanges through exchange platforms will be safer thanks to security tokens

The growth of crypto exchanges

Despite the crash of Bitcoins, the crypto exchanges are big business, in 2018 their turnover has doubled.

According to the report “Crypto Trading – The next big thing is here?” of Sanford C. Bernstein & Co, the turnover of exchange platforms has reached about 4 billion dollars.

You have to know that Coinbase alone manages almost half of the trades through exchange

When you decide to rely on a crypto exchange, you need to evaluate factors such as transparency, reliability, assistance and, of course, security.

Whether you decide to rely on a centralized exchange, or a decentralized exchange (DEX), the security factor is important.

What is a security token?

To date, a crpytographic token must pass the Honey test to be considered a security token.

In the US, tokens are subject to federal regulations, ICOs that do not follow them risk sanctions.

The regulations that security tokens must comply with are the following:

Regulation A

This exemption allows those creating a new ICO, to offer a SEC-approved security to non-accredited investors, with an investment of up to 50 million dollars.

The issuing of  “Regulation A” often takes longer than other options, and it’s also more expensive than others.

Regulation D

Compiling point D of the regulation, allows a particular offer to avoid being registered by the SEC.

The completion of the form must have been made by the creators of the ICO, only after the sale of securities.

Compliance with Section 506C of point D, requires that the information provided at the time of offers to investors, is free from misleading or fake declarations.

Regulation S

This part of the regulation applies when the offer is made by a country other than USA, and therefore it’s not subject to Section 5 of the Law 199.

It’s worth pointing out that the above explanations are an interpretation by Anthony Pompliano, the founder of the well known investment company Morgan Creek Digital.

ICO and Honey test

The Honey test stems from a 1946 US Supreme Court ruling involving the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and the company WJ Howey Corporation.

The lack of uniform regulations for cryptocurrencies and the activities associated with them, makes the Honey test the only standard used by the American SEC.

Honey Test criteria:

  • Investment in money must always be present, and must come from a joint venture
  • There must be a profit expectation deriving from the investment
  • Profit from investment must be generated by a third party

The importance of security tokens

Security tokens are like a bridge between legacy finance and the blockchain world, STOs (Security Token Offering), are constantly increasing, and the clash between ICO (Initial Coin Offering), and STO ( Security Token Offering) is inevitable

Advantages of security tokens

  • have the advantage of eliminating intermediaries, thus reducing commissions,  and the likelihood of manipulation by financial institutions
  • speed up execution times, and increase the potential investors, thanks to the lack of intermediaries
  • help the free market, in fact today many investment transactions are localized, for example it will be easier for a Chinese investor to invest in American companies, and vice versa
  • The use of smart contracts in the future with their “automation”, will make the use of lawyers less essential

Disadvantages of security tokens

  • The lack of intermediaries, while being an advantage, shifts the responsibilities of the transaction to the buyer and seller
  • In the case of an intermediary such as financial institutions, there may be less interest from more traditional investors, high levels of security and compliance regulations


It’s now almost inevitable that security tokens will transform equity, as Bitcoin has transformed the concept of currency.

In fact, security tokens offer a direct economic interest in cash to the owner, and a very fast delivery of proceeds.

Many exchange platforms are about to become regulated, so that STOs can also be included, some of the most best known are:

  • The Gibraltar Stock Exchange
  • Coinbase
  • Templum
  • SharesPost
  • Australian Securities Exchange
  • Malta Stock Exchange
  • ZBX based in Malta
  • SIX Swiss Exchange
  • LSE

Thanks to smart contracts, any type of property can be also “tokenised”.

It’s good to remember that the SEC has established that Ethereum and Bitcoin are not securities

Beam is now available to the public

Innovative Privacy Solution

On January 3rd, 2019 Beam was officially launched in Valletta, Malta and is now available to the general public.  Beam is a part of Mimblewimble that will enormously change the privacy and the utility of cryptocurrency for the better.

Monero and Zcash are privately-oriented cryptocurrencies which were born to secure the clients’ anonimity.  However, although these currencies have strong privacy features, many of their features are not private and not scalable either.  With Beam the utility of storage-of-value and payment cryptocurrency is increased.  Confidentiality and scalability are major necessities for the mainstream adoption of digital assets.

Alexander Zaidelson, CEO of Beam said: “Sovereignty over one’s own information is a basic human right, and applies to all aspects of life, and especially to  financial transactions. Everyone, from the largest institutional investors to the individual cryptocurrency holder, should have the right to decide on what to disclose and to whom, including the right not to disclose anything to anyone, because fundamentally everyone is entitled to the sovereignty of their own assets.  With Beam, we are enabling that sovereignty by building upon the foundations of Bitcoin with an incredible new technology called Mimblewimble.”

Harry Potter On The Blockchain

Mimblewimble is a new blockchain protocol and is a reference to a spell in the Harry Potter universe that stops people from spilling secrets.  Mimblewimble and additional features will be used in the project to offer privacy to users transacting their network.

Beam was created to accommodate both the traditional user as well as the novice user and maintains the distributed ledger.  It also allows for decentralized validation of any transaction, no actual information about sender, receiver or transaction amount can be obtained from it by an observer.  As financial institutions seek a deeper dive into blockchain, they bring along their customers.  The systems are constantly being updated due to their popularity.

The Mimblewimble blockchain size is expected to be 3-10 times smaller than that of Bitcoin.  For the purpose of accounting and tax purposes, users will be able to turn on opt-in auditibability in the future.   Now that Beam has been launched, the confidentially and scalability of Bitcoin and Ethereum has already been reassured.





Cameroon Separatists Launch AmbaCoin

Another Crypto Currency For The Unbanked?

What is AmbaCoin?  AmbaCoin (AMBA) is a new sovereign cryptocurrency which has been launched by a separatist government in Cameroon’s semi-autonomous English-speaking southern region of Ambazonia.  More than 20,000 AMBA tokens have been bought out of a total supply of 100,000,000 available in the pre-ICO sale.  1 AMBA is worth $0.25 and the AmbaCoin is being considered as the official currency of the “Federal Republic of Ambazonia”.  Therefore the AMBA has become the second cryptocurrency experiment.  The first one was the Petro of Venezuela and this was born out of the need to raise funding and revitalise a struggling economy by a government which was as yet unrecognised.

AmbaCoin is very similar to the Petro of Venezuela as well as the fact that it caused a socioeconomic upheaval in its creation.   AmbaCoin is also an asset-backed cryptocurrency, just like the Petro.  Just like the Petro it is currently unclear how the natural resources and projected earnings that give it value will be quantified and calculated.  It is also unclear how the resources will be harnessed because the Cameroonian military still maintains control of Southern Cameroon.

A Coin Similar To The Petro

The AmbaCoin, just like the Petro, comes with a new national fiat currency and makes promises whose fulfilment are unclear. An excerpt from the AmbaCoin whitepaper reads:

“[AmbaCoin] investors will be able to recoup their investment in the same way as investors can benefit from the acquisition of treasury bonds and bills. As large numbers of people in the Ambazonian diaspora seek to invest in the country, they will be able to recoup their investment with handsome interest far beyond that available from treasury bonds and bills. At the same time, investors will have the unique and privileged opportunity to help put a nation back on track after the decades of misfortune as a marginalised people within Cameroon.”

Since there is a genuine street-level demand in the region for money that is not controlled by Cameroon’s Francophone central government, the project cannot be dismissed mainly because there it has a large investor base of as many as 2 million people.   There are however criticisms of AmbaCoin economically and technically.  Chris Anu, the separatist government’s Secretary of State for Communications and IT, has shared the information on Facebook that paper bond notes representing AmbaCoin tokens are also being prepared ahead of the proposed launch.