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The 5 Fintech influencers that all insiders should follow

Like that of fashion, the fintech world also has specialists who play the role of being influencers What is the fintech world? We can consider Fintech as the set of improvements based on technological innovations, which are revolutionizing the world of finance. As you can see from our articles, the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies play […]

What is Komodo?

Monaize as a strategic partner The first platform to use the KMD cryptocurrency will be Monaize, the 100% mobile e-banking platform. The first ICO will be launched by the end of this year. The roadmap between the two partners will be very similar to that of Ethereum, the development of the platform, mobile wallets, the development […]

Mexican narcos are using crypto coins

Mexican narcos are relying on Chinese money laundering networks, which use cryptocurrencies Mexican drug cartels and China The relationship between the Mexican narcos and China has long been consolidated, in fact, the essential substances for the production of drugs, are purchased in Asia Did you know that the Chinese pharmaceutical industry is the largest in […]

Est Africa fintech summit

Among the techno-finance conferences of the end of 2018, East Africa fintech summit was among the most interesting As we have already mentioned in a previous article regarding the 10 crypto events which you will see in 2019, the fintech and blockchain conferences around the world were numerous CRYPTOCURRENCY WORLD EXPO LONDON SUMMIT, BLOCKCHAINER FORUM […]

The crypto events of the end of 2018

The crypto events of the end of 2018 2018 was rich of events and conferences in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain We have witnessed milionary investments by France, and other countries and large companies have started using platforms based on the blockchain technology The conferences of the end of 2018 In December alone, there […]

The Chilean Treasury office creates a Blockchain platform for public payments

After the decision to use the blockchain technology to register the energy sector statistics, Chile wants to create a Blockchain platform for public payments Chile and LABITCONF Santiago de Cile has been home to LABITCONF (Latin American Bitcoin & Blockcahin Conferences) from 5 to 8 December 2018 It’s the most important conference on cryptocurrenceis and […]