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What do Blockchain Developer?

Among the many innovative aspects of the Blockchain technology, there is also the one regarding new job opportunities. Cryptocurrenceis and the decentralized economy have generated new professional figures who are beginning to be in demand on the labor market. According to a research from Upwork dating back to 2018, the Blockchain is among the fastest […]

How can the blockchain technology improve United States infrastructure?

One of the primary objectives of the current administration of the United States of America, is to renew the country’s infrastructure. They mainly talk about inland waterways, fundamental for the transport of basic necessities such as wheat, steel, coal, and oil products. Recently, the blockchain technology has been introduced in the debate on infrastructure policies […]

How FinTech companies can help you manage your finances

We live in an age where the intersection between finance management and technology is inevitable. Digital technologies are now at the forefront of organizational processes of any company and, since some years, they’re also in the way financial services are offered. From mobile wallets to cryptocurrencies, from online banking to new investment possibilities, there are […]

5 FinTech trends we will observe in 2019

The evolution of the FinTech market has been unstoppable in recent years. We have seen growth under various aspects: from the financial literacy of the average user, to new automated services and processes by banking and commercial institutions. The financial revolution surely doesn’t risk getting interrupted right now: here are the five FinTech trends which […]

LockTrip wants to offer accommodations for 20% less than Airbnb and Booking.com thanks to the blockchain

The blockchain technology is starting to see serious implications even in the tourist field. If ten years ago Airbnb’s entry in the hospitality market had created a stir, now it may be LockTrip’s turn. LockTrip is the marketplace for hotel reservations and holiday stays founded in 2017 by Nikola Alexandrov and Hristo Tenchev. This platform’s […]

ONEROOT and BXA announce a global Blockchain payment solution

What is the purpose of the agreement between BXA and ONEROOT? The goal of the two companies is to create an intelligent economy that provides users with a complete range of digital financial services. Among these, a global Blockchain payment solution. To do so, the two companies plan a network of exchanges with shared orders […]

Blockstream launches the fifth satellite for the Bitcoin streaming

In mid December, the Forbes magazine reported that Blockstream, the blockchain development company, has expanded its satellite service. It launched the fifth satellite for the Bitcoin streaming: now the Bitcoin blockchain is broadcast on all five contents. We could call it a new era for Bitcoin, thanks to the Blockstream startup. Itreceived a 101 million […]