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PRICE RELEASEThe trend for the blockchain industry has been social-fi. The concept, closely linked to the idea of co-creating, combines the terms “social” and “DeFi” to promote a diversified interactive platform for the public. The concept of social-fi is elevated to new heights by Element.Black. This platform bridges the gap between celebrities and their fans. Pixel Infinity is a game that allows stars and their fans to cross social boundaries by allowing them to create art and social interaction together.

Element.Black recently announced a collaboration with DJ Snake. This French producer is at the forefront in electronic music. Through collaborations with the most prominent names in the entertainment business, DJ Snake made his way to the top of the music industry.

DJ Snake, who are you?

DJ Snake was an early influence of KRS-One and Cypress Hill. He also loved graffiti art when he was young. The Paris gendarmes chased him because he had graffiti on public walls. He nearly escaped arrest every time. This ability to evade capture earned him the moniker ‘Snake.’ When he began deejaying later in life, he was christened ‘DJ Snake,’ and the nickname stuck.

He started his DJ career in Paris as a young man, playing at nightclubs and discotheques. After collaborating with Lady Gaga, Diplo and Lil John, Snake gained worldwide recognition. DJ Snake first collaborated with Lady Gaga on the Grammy-nominated album ‘Born This Way.’ Later in his career, he cooperated with rapper and record producer Lil Jon on the music video ‘Turn Down for What,’ which earned a Grammy award for ‘Best Music Video.’

DJ Snake’s serious efforts to pioneer the musical genres of ‘Trap,’ ‘House,’ and ‘Electronic Dance Music’ have been awarded Grammy, Billboard, and MTV Video Music Award nominations.

DJ Snake and Element.Black Partners

DJ Snake will be providing Element.Black with some of his own produced work and the art will be minted as NFTs on the Element.Black’s platform.

His NFT version of his craft will make a positive contribution to the larger community. DJ Snake will also be participating in Element.Black’s gaming platform, “Pixel Infinity”.

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Element.Black’s gaming platform, Pixel Infinity, is a prime example of Social-Fi.

Pixel Infinity is Element.Black’s first co-created game. Gamers create artwork by coloring pixels on a 400×400 pixel canvas. Pixel Infinity is a collection of pixels that correspond to different colors in an image. You can also import NFT art. The images’ fundamental unit is the pixelated box. Fans can collaborate with celebrities on the platform. Students love it because of its affordability.

DJ Snake, for example, recently joined Element.Black’s roster. Fan participation is possible in creating an NFT art piece. DJ Snake can sell the NFT artwork and split the proceeds with the fan. Celebrities around the globe can also send limited airdrops of NFTs to their followers.

Element.Black is excited to announce DJ Snake’s new partnership. Stay tuned on their social media channels to tune in on DJ Snake’s latest collaboration with Element.Black and join him on Pixel Infinity.

Black About The Element

Element Black NFT Game Development and Infrastructure Company is focused on building its game platform/game centre, game development as well the NFT market development.

Element Black is a provider of entertainment services, including games, movies and music. Also, the ecosystem is known for its Element Marketplace, Digital Wallet & Decentralized application, Game Center, Public Chain, and Staking & Protocol.

Website: http://www.element.black/

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100070875120357&refsrc=deprecated&_rd

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ELTblack

YouTube Channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCxhYiYczJcBhwsTL9pWtA-A


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