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PRESS RELEASE. NFTs are declining in trade volume, but metaverse development continues to grow rapidly as more government and organizations show interest in this new technology. Recent Norwegian government joins metaverse to Interpol. Interpol already operates in virtual worlds. Despite the fact that most virtual assets remain undervalued, it is not surprising.

Dvision Network, a veteran in the metaverse, has been able to take over. AnnouncementThe highly anticipated 4th LAND Sale will be held in partnership with market leaders Binance NFT GameFi.orgOn 28 October, at 06:00 PM KST. The sale will take place on above mentioned marketplaces and Dvision Network’ native marketplace simultaneously, making it easier for Dvision LAND collectors to get involved with different chains and platforms.

What’s there to know?

Binance NFT’s Twitter account recently revealed an NFT Sneak Peek about the new LAND Sale. The following is from the tweet:

“The Dvision Network LAND Mystery Box Collection contains LAND lots of 14 different parcel sizes and locations. Also, the luckiest NFT holders shall receive the premium (most luxurious) 3×3 LAND lot in the Amsterdam or Hong Kong Meta-Cities.”

As per another tweetBinance NFT offers two virtual lots for Hong Kong and Amsterdam Meta City. These virtual lots are customizable and can be used to generate passive income.

Users have 3 options to participate in 4th LAND Sale, as previously mentioned. You can also buy Mystery Boxes. Dvision MarketplaceYou can also purchase DVI tokens or lands with BNB blockchain-based DVI tokens on GameFi.org, Binance NFT Marketplaces with BUSD(BNB Chain).


In Hong Kong, 1,588 land lots (2.501 PARCELs), while Amsterdam will offer 1,496 LAND lots (2.285 PARCELs), for sale on all three marketplaces. Additionally, each Mystery Box contains a chance to win a full specification LAND in Hong Kong or Amsterdam ranging from 1×1 to 3×3 premium.


GameFi will receive 920 units, Binance NFT 1,538 units. Dvision will have 626 units. The box price is 90 BUSD. A total of 80,000 USD are expected to increase. There will be a limit of 20 boxes per wallet. The time limit is October 28th. Once again, everyone can participate through the three marketplaces but keep in mind that this LAND sale will be on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.


Because the Mystery Boxes use the BNB Chain, Binance Smart Chain standard (BEP-721), all Dvision Marketplace transactions must be executed with BEP-20 DVI tokens. DVI tokens based upon BEP-20 can be purchased on PancakeSwap and Gate.io exchanges. DVI tokens that are based on ERC-20 can be purchased via Coinone and Bithumb. They can also converted through the website bridge to BEP-20. Dvision Network offers an easy-to-use guide to simplifying the whole process. Guideline step-by–stepTo assist you in participating in this sale


More about Binance NFT

Binance NFT, a Binance-launched NFT market place on the BNB Chain is Binance NFT. This NFT marketplace provides liquidity for the Binance NFT-based NFT ecosystem. As the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance is also a platform that uses a novel and innovative approach to revitalize the entire NFT ecosystem.


About GameFi.org

GameFi (Play-to Earn) is a single-stop gaming hub on blockchain that provides game finance services to players and studios, traders, and investors. GameFi is best understood as an online platform that offers promising P2E games using the Polygon and BSC networks. NFT Marketplace allows for the easy trading and purchase of NFT items via the GameFi platform. This is an industry first.

Dvision Network

Dvision Network strives to be the world’s most advanced blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform that is rapidly establishing a cutting-edge metaverse ecosystem by leveraging its own VR (Virtual Reality) technology, thereby lowering entry barriers for all types of users worldwide. This allows users, designers and businesses to enjoy the most memorable and advanced metaverse experience. The official website has more details and is updated regularly. Twitter, Telegram Medium channels.




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