CoinEx 4th Anniversary|Meet the CoinEx Team in the United States

4.Th anniversary of the exchange in December 2021, CoinEx launched the “Meet the CoinEx Team” anniversary celebration together with its global Ambassadors as a gesture to thank and give back to users.

On December 21, 2021 (UTC), on behalf of the exchange, CoinEx’s US Partner Devis Maxhari hosted a “Meet the CoinEx Team” meet-up to celebrate the exchange’s 4th anniversary.

CoinEx’s values have been to interact with customers since inception. This meet-up brought users and the exchange closer through videos, and CoinEx’s US team also reached out to the local users face to face during this wonderful offline event.

At the meet-up, CoinEx’s US Partner Devis Maxhari hosted entertaining Q&A sessions about CoinEx and CET and allowed the local users to learn more about the exchange through games. Winners received gifts including official CoinEx shirts and other branded products.

CoinEx’s success has been a result of the combined efforts of the exchange team and local community over the last four years. CoinEx was able to connect with local users and better understand their needs through the anniversary celebration. Moreover, the meet-up also improved the exchange’s local image and recognition, and impressed the local users with its mission of “making the world a better place through blockchain”.

CoinEx’s global presence is inseparable from the support and trust of partners and users in the states. The anniversary meet-up not only showed that the CoinEx is well received among local users but also conveyed CoinEx’s gratitude towards its US Ambassadors and users.

CoinEx, its users and other stakeholders around the globe have contributed to the solid development of the exchange. CoinEx plans to continue offering its users more friendly, stable and user-friendly trading environments. This is in an environment that presents both challenges and opportunities. We hope to meet more Americans.

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