CoinEx 4th Anniversary|Meet the CoinEx Team in the Philippines

On December 15, 2021, CoinEx and its Philippine partners cohosted a “Meet the CoinEx Team” meet-up to celebrate the exchange’s 4thAn anniversary was a popular choice for many users.

At The meet-up, our Philippine partners Dell Omasas first introduced CoinEx’s CEO, Haipo Yang, to local users, which helped them gain a full picture of the founder of the exchange.


They also played a commemorative video made for CoinEx’s 4th anniversary, which illustrated CoinEx’s original goals and the story behind its establishment. The video told the story of CoinEx’s four-year journey, and a huge thank you to its users and partners. The video, even though it was a thousand miles from each other, brought them closer and encouraged them all to put more trust in CoinEx.

The event organized three rounds of Quiz & Lottery, and provided surprise gifts to celebrate the 4th of July.ThAnniversary for the winners. At the meet-up, CoinEx’s Philippine partners also helped users learn more about CoinEx through Q&A sessions.

This face-to-face meeting helped to reduce the distance between CoinEx users and CoinEx users. Both local and exchange users learned more about one another. The celebration showed the partners Dell Omasas’s recognition and passion for CoinEx in every detail. This celebration also showed how the exchange appreciates and values the Philippines’ users and partners.

CoinEx will host many other interesting events in December, in addition to the Philippines meet-up. For instance, the “Love Storm” Charitable Program will be held in Nigeria on December 20, and the meet-up at Minneapolis MOA, US will take place on December 21.

CoinEx’s global presence is inseparable from the support and trust of partners and loyal users. CoinEx is focusing on the Philippines’ market and will seek out more local partners to localize the company and carry out more market-specific promotions and operations.

CoinEx plans to continue offering more accessible, stable and user-friendly trading platforms and services for its Philippine customers in the face of new opportunities and obstacles. We are looking forward to meeting new users from the Philippines.



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