Bitcoin․com Launches NFT Project – Buyers in VERSE Token Sale to Receive Exclusive NFTs – Press release Bitcoin News is a secure digital platform and ecosystem that allows users to interact securely with digital assets and cryptocurrencies. It has now announced the launch of an NFT project linked to its utility token VERSE and rewards.

Due to the limited supply of Verse NFT, the Verse token sale will begin on November 1.

“’s VERSE token will act as a powerful gateway to DeFi for millions of people,” said CEO Dennis Jarvis. “NFTs have so far played a similar role, bringing a whole new user base to crypto while fostering the creation of powerful communities. Integrating NFTs to the Verse ecosystem is important therefore not only for increasing the ecosystem’s reach, but also for galvanizing a resilient core community.”

Verse NFTs can be used in Verse to provide exclusive services and products, as well discounts.

A Verse token sale purchase is a guarantee that the buyer will receive a complimentary minting of the Verse NFT. Purchases of greater quantities of VERSE are eligible for additional Verse FFTs.

“For many in the community, this will be their first NFT,” said’s Director of Product Experience Alex Knight. He added, “That’s why we’re working hard to ensure that not only is the minting process straightforward and safe, but also the integration of the NFT into the Verse ecosystem enhances user experience, providing a positive introduction to this powerful application of blockchain technology.”

Programmatically, the Verse NFT collection is generated. You will find space-themed characters that are random assembled using a variety of options such as accessories, body aesthetics colors backgrounds expressions and background.

Evan Luza is the co-founder and advisor of Cool Cats NFT, which has over $370M in annual trading volume.

“ is uniquely positioned with their large crypto centric audience to drive further adoption and awareness around NFTs and the innovative solutions and implications around them,” said Evan. “I look forward to advising not just on this collection, but also on’s wider NFT strategy including how NFTs can be integrated into the app.”

Verses NFTs from the Verse collection will be issued on Ethereum. Token sale purchasers will see their Ethereum addresses whitelisted. This allows them to both claim their VERSE tokens as well as mint their Verse NTs. After the Verse token sales closes, the Verse NFTs can be mined.


VERSE is the rewards and utility token for the ecosystem, and the world’s gateway to DeFi. In May, $33.6 million was purchased by strategic buyers in a private sale for VERSE tokens. Register now at to be part of the public sale that will begin on November 1.

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