Odin Platform Opens a Gateway to Cardano & Solana

Odin looks promising and has a great development team. They are working tirelessly to provide users with an array of tech, features, and capabilities. Odin’s blockchain has been expanded from Solana to include Cardano, making it a multichain platform which will be more secure and efficient.

Benefits Of Working In Multichain

Multichain allows you to use more than one Blockchain in order to manage a platform. As a private, secure blockchain it ensures that the network is scalable by restricting data sharing every block and removing any extra data. Because the blockchain’s activity is only accessible to selected users, it also provides enterprises with much-needed project privacy.

Multichain employs multiple data storage methods to address scaling problems. Each item published to a stream may be either on-chain (or off-chain) depending on what you prefer. MultiChain doesn’t duplicate data between nodes, which is unlike other blockchains that expect all nodes to verify and maintain transactions. By embedding large chunks rather than individual blocks of data within transactions, the size of blocks can be lowered. Each piece of data’s decryption key is only shared with the participants who are supposed to see it.

Cardano has many benefits

Cardano (ADA), a low-cost blockchain, can manage transactions and smart contracts with minimal overhead. The dual-layer architecture allows each layer to manage the additional workload. It separates computation tasks and settlement procedures. While Cardano (ADA), may not be the most affordable cryptocurrency for trading, it is an extremely low-fee currency to exchange and to engage with.

OKEx Partnership

On a separate note, Odin has also announced its partnership with OKEx, part of Odin’s plans to integrate with exchanges to streamline integration between the platform and the various exchanges it plans to support for its users. Odin’s team is currently working to allow the platform to connect to decentralized as well as centralized exchanges. This will enable the Odin team to create algorithmic, decentralized bots.


You can learn more information about Odin on the website.

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