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On November 17, a report disclosed that the leading non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, Opensea, is “fielding new investment offers” according to two unknown sources familiar with the matter. The investment could propel Opensea’s valuation by six times to a $10 billion market valuation, according to the sources.

Report Claims Opensea Provided a $10 Billion Value

According to statistics from dappradar.com, Opensea, a popular NFT marketplace, surpassed $10 Billion in annual sales during the first week. At the time of writing, dappradar.com metrics indicate Opensea’s all-time sales equate to $11.11 billion today.

Now, according to a report published by theinformation.com’s Kate Clark and Berber Jin, Opensea is fielding new investment offers and a new investment could make the company’s market valuation rise to $10 billion.

The two sources told Clark and Jin that the NFT marketplace did not “initiate” the financing as the people familiar with the matter stressed, “investors are clamoring for a piece of the startup.”

The fundraising rumors follow the company’s most recent Series B fundraising round in July. Opensea received $100 million through a round that was led by Andreessen Hoowitz. Other well-respected investors included Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Durant. With a capital raise of $1.5billion, Opensea was able to achieve unicorn status.

Monthly After Month, Opensea Volumes Fall Since August

The two sources stemming from theinformation.com’s editorial did not disclose the investors that are allegedly clamoring to invest in Opensea. Opensea had seen a large number of transactions this summer, which was why the sources claimed that the investors were looking to buy a share of the NFT marketplace. Dune Analytics metrics indicate volumes have fallen month-to-month since August.

Opensea has introduced Opensea’s mobile apps for Android, iOS and the Polygon blockchain. Opensea’s daily volume in ethereum (ETH) dipped through the month of October, while Polygon volumes have risen. Opensea’s Ether sales volume has risen a bit during the second week in November.

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