Introducing the New Tool for Traders… Commando by Decentrader

Do you want to elevate your trading?

It is not easy to trade in the cryptocurrency market. There are too many opportunities and potential risks. Charting hundreds of tokens per hour is impossible. There are many opportunities that go unnoticed.

Many of those opportunities are capitalized on by hedge funds using algorithms worth millions of dollars to out-smart the average retail trader – which is happening all the time, whether you realize it or not.

At Decentrader, we believe in a fairer financial system, so we are now leveling the playing field, bringing back power to you through our new trading tool…Commando.

Commando definition:

An elite soldier, specially trained for raiding.

 What is Commando by Decentrader?

Commando, an algorithmic market scanner for more than 100 cryptoassets, helps to identify the best opportunities.

An algorithm based upon millions of data points cuts through the noise to identify key crypto opportunities.

Once our proprietary algorithmic scanner sees a pattern, it highlights the opportunity with a score providing a likelihood of average price increase over the following 24 – 72hrs.

It works, and we have been able to test it in real time over the last eight months with millions of data points.  It actually works very well.

Do we have the ability to prove what we are saying?

Below is a summary of methodology and the final results. Test liveCommando has been a success.These statistics were generated using actual Commando scores as well data that spans the 8 months between February 2nd and September 14th, 2021.

After the threshold score was attained, the average peak price for the asset rose by 6% within just 28 hours. The threshold score was 938. 692 (of the 938) reached an average peak of 7.9% during the 28-hour period.

For a time, the score may stay above or below the threshold of 2. We then open the 28-hour window after the threshold has been met.

Statistic are based on actual Commando scores between February 2nd and September 14th 2021.

When the threshold score reached 2 In just 28 hours, the average peak price rise for the asset was only 6%. Based on 938 thresholds reached.

692 (of the 938) reached an average peak of 7.9% during the course of the 28-hour period.

Once the threshold score is 2 it will start to count as 28 hours.

While this does NOT mean that Commando can guarantee future returns, it demonstrates the power of a sophisticated market scanner to identify opportunities in the market based on an asset’s data points.

Other Benefits

Commando users also have real-time news and sentiment scoring that provide a comprehensive view of market conditions for any asset.

So you get high-grade market intelligence presented to you across +100 crypto assets…fast.

 7 Day Free Trial

Commando, the top-tier intelligence platform in crypto is now available.

We are making the Commando tool available for retail trade, despite interest from different funds. This is to level the playing fields.

Commando’s power is demonstrated by a free 7-day trial.  From 19 November to 26 November, the 7-day FREE trial will be available. has Commando. Click here to view Commando in action.

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